Your Small Business and the New Year

It can be pretty hectic around the holidays and with the New Year quickly approaching.  It can also be pretty easy to forget that as you are preparing yourself for 2018, your business needs prepared too!  Try to make some time to follow these tips to help you and your business transition into the new year with smooth sailing. You don’t want to ring in 2018 with a chaotic work life.

Revisit Your Business Plan

This should be easy!  Just review your business plan and make sure it still aligns with your goals.  Make any changes needed and just keep yourself on track.  If you do not have a business plan yet, Huffpost suggests to create one for free!

Plan Ahead Promotions

Be proactive in your planning and this includes marketing your business.  Plan out the promotions you want to offer throughout the year.  This will give your clients/customers a reason to keep up with your  business, it keeps them interested!  Several social media platforms even let you schedule posts; it’s easy to make one today and tell it to post in July.  You could knock out a whole year’s worth of promotions in just a couple days.

Determine if You Need to Start Hiring

Were you running around like crazy, as busy as can be throughout this past year?  This should mean your business is doing great!  To lessen your stress, you might want to consider bringing in an employee or two.  Use the new year to reflect back and figure out if this would actually be something good for you and your business.  If you think you can’t afford it, there are other types of employees outside of full-timers.

Keep Learning

If the beginning of the year always seems to be a little slow, take this time to learn more.  Look for books, articles, or even blogs that can keep you up on the trends of the type of business you might have.  You don’t want to get stuck in the dust of your competitors!


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