Your Business and Google


You may have never paid much attention to what comes up doing a Google search, but noticing what happens can be very valuable.  Whenever you do a Google search for a business, a Google Business Card is shown for that business.  What is a Google Business Card? It is the box of information that gives you easy and quick accessibility to different aspects of the business you are searching.  It will allow you to see their business hours, photos, reviews, and their address (which can immediately be opened in maps for directions).  This helps reduce the amount of time someone is searching for more information on a business.

Keeping Up With The Simple Stuff

This part is easy!  Make sure you stay up to date with your address, pictures, phone number, and hours of your business.  You can even update your business hours for holidays to allow your current and prospective clients know if you will be closed or not.  Updating your pictures is very important too.  You are compared to competitors on how many pictures you provide and how many people view them.  The more you have the more people will view.  Keeping up with your address and phone number is pretty much common sense one why your should!

Google Posts

The “posts” are a pretty new concept for Google.  These allow you to feature specials, discounts, events, or even blog posts.  You can add a button for the viewer to click on and it will tell them a discount code or send them to a specific link and many other options.  Our Blue Ash location uses posts to talk about our blog and we add a “Learn More” button that will direct you straight to the Blog on the website.


It’s no surprise that it’s good to have great reviews!  Did you know these can help Google determine where you fall on the hierarchy of search results?  Google is going to push the businesses that have more and higher reviews to the top because that is what the public is going to want to see.  So not have any reviews is just as bad as having an average of 1 or 2 stars.  It doesn’t hurt to ask for reviews – we have discussed this in a previous blog post!)

How Do You Get Started?

Simply just go to Google My Business at and get the ball rolling!  You will need to verify your business first thing.  After verifying it then give Google a few days and you will have access to make your Google Business Card!