Workman’s Compensation-Are You Covered?

All companies in Ohio who have employees on their payroll are required by law to obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  Ohio BWC can be very confusing and millions of dollars are paid in premiums on behalf of companies that aren’t on top of all the savings opportunities and ever-changing landscape. 

Did you know that the average EEOC fine is over $75,000? (See attached list of HR Fines & Penalties) There are 10 times as many rules and regulations as there were just 15 years ago? This makes operating a business a virtual mine field for costly and unexpected lawsuits.  Are you aware of all employer related laws, rules, and regulations enforced by local, state, and federal authorities?  Are your employees’ information filed properly and secured appropriately? All it takes is one anonymous complaint and the Department of Labor may be coming to pay you a visit. 

More and more companies are outsourcing certain functions of their human resource department in an effort to reduce liabilities in this area.  Third party administrators can be a great resource for assistance with getting coverage in place, managing claims, and securing discounts.  Sheakley HR Solutions is one such company that can provide business owners with peace of mind in these areas and to stay focused on their core business competencies, as well as growing their business.  Contact Andy Bello at Sheakley HR Solutions for a complimentary HR audit to make sure you won’t be fined out of business when the Department of Labor shows up at your door. 

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