Winter Office Tips

In Greater Cincinnati, winter weather is unpredictable and can cause many frustrations to your business operations. Below are a few tips to help minimize those challenges at CMC.

1. While temperatures remain below freezing, it is recommended to maintain a consistent low level of heat in your suite to prevent the sprinkler lines from freezing.

2.Vehicles left on-site are subject to towing. If you must leave you vehicle overnight, please contact the management office for further information on where to leave your vehicle. CMC accepts no responsibility for vehicles.

3.Confirm that your insurance policy is active and fits the specifications outlined in your lease.

4.As a refresher, it is always best to periodically review your lease to ensure that you and your employees are abiding by building regulations.

If you have any questions regarding your lease or how winter can effect your office space, please contact your CMC Management Office for assistance.