Treat Everyone as a Regular

Have you ever noticed the special attention restaurants give their regulars?  The employees spend more time talking to them, making sure their order is correct, and are generally a lot kinder to them.  Wouldn’t it be great if the employees treated everyone like that?  Imagine going to a store/restaurant/business for the very first time and someone treats you as if you were a regular already.  This will make you remember the place and want to go back!  Start using this tactic for your own business.

Act Like Everyone Will Be Back

Get to know your customers as if you are going to see them a few times a week for several years.  Be invested in them and learn about their lives; this will show them you care about them and not just their money.  Employees are so courteous to regulars because they know they are coming back, they’re someone they might as well get to know.  Don’t have the mind set of, “Oh, well!  I’ll never see them again anyway.”  The people you see only one time are not any less worthy of your kindness than the people you see everyday.

Your Kindness = Their Ego Boost

Most people go to the same businesses due to feeling comfortable there. So, if they have the feeling that you don’t care about them then why would they want to come back? Give them the feeling of warmth when in a favorite place​ ​-​ ​make your business one of their favorite places. Treat them great and give them a boost of confidence to continue coming back. Customers/clients will feed off your attitude and if you act closed, unwilling to welcome them then they will react the same way towards your business. Make sure to show ​genuine ​kindness ​or your gestures are at risk of seeming forced​.

The Perfect Small Office – Blue Ash Implements This

​Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds​ including roles in the service and hospitality industries. ​From that, we’ve carried over principles of customer service to our business here and truly ​enjoy cultivating relationships with our tenants.​ ​Anytime a new prospect comes for a tour, we get to know them as if they are about to be a tenant for the next 10 years. Everyone we meet and everyone we work with are just as important as the next, whether we see them again or not.

The best recipes for success all have a little extra love sprinkled into them.