Training your Small Business Needs to Grow

You know better than any one that growing a business is difficult.  You can, and have, run in to challenges that you did not anticipate.  Even if you planned, sought advice, and did everything you needed to do to get started, there were still issues that you were unsure of how to handle.  While it is impossible for you to know everything, there are many great resourced to help educate you and your staff to be able to handle anything that comes your way.

First, it is important to identify the type of training that will work best for you.  Would you or your staff prefer an in person seminar or an online webinar?  Would you attend as an individual or the whole team as a group?  Is it possible that your team travels and adds on some team building exercises or do you need to stay close to home?  Evaluating your needs and deciding what will work best for your business will help you narrow down your many options and choose the best for your organization.

A great first step when looking for training and advice is your county’s Small Business Administration.  The SBA Learning Center offers computer classes up to mentorship programs, and everything in between.  A wide variety of topics, like financing, marketing, and business management are covered.  Often times these courses, especially online versions, are free of charge or for a nominal fee.  There are also great networking and marketing opportunities through seminars and business expos.  Visit for more information and to find your local office.

Community colleges can also be an affordable, flexible resource to provide training.  Besides offering various training programs and co-op education, many are working with small business to offer industry specific training and education.  For example, Cincinnati State Community College offers the Workforce Development Center to give your company the competitive edge it needs.  Since community colleges focus on adult and continuing education, they are constantly developing new curriculum.

One of the best parts of having an office with CMC’s the Perfect Small Office is being able to utilize your neighbors as a resource.  What is better than having your accountant, attorney, insurance agent, massage therapist, kids’ driving school all just down the hall from your office.  Perhaps working with your existing contacts to create training co-ops between small business owners and share your resources with each other.  This could be a good solution to train only a few people at a time.

The investment in training that accompany make creates a supportive workplace.  Over time a lack of training and planning can be detrimental to your business.  It is possible to train your employees, and yourself, in a way that will help your business grow while not breaking your bank.