Tips to Keep your Business Organized during the Holiday Season

It is the Holiday season, otherwise known as, the “most wonderful time of the year.”  If you are a business owner, the definition of wonderful can be a bit different.  In addition to balancing the demands of family, you also have to balance the demands of business, bringing new customers, and increased sales.  With so much going on, the last thing you want is to have anything slip through the cracks and jeopardize your business growth.  The good news is there are steps you can take to save time and make sure things keep running smoothly through the New Year.

Make a Calendar.  If you don’t do this already, filling out a calendar can allow you to map out your strategies month ahead, delegate tasks when appropriate, and avoid work piling up or something being missed.  A great place to start is to mark the Holidays, events, and sales you already have scheduled and advertised.  That way you can shape the rest of your schedule around them.  Once you have made note of the big, important dates your calendar will allow you to plan ahead of time and make sure you keeping on top of your business through the Holiday season.

Go Mobile.  You probably already use your phone to take care of your day to day tasks, but you can also use your phone to stay on top of your marketing activities as well.  Be sure that you have the mobile app for all of your marketing platforms.  This will enable you to post, monitor activity, and interact with customers.  There are also a number of tools that you can use right from your phone to schedule your social media posts.  Start with networks that you think will offer the biggest opportunities to grow your business and expand to other that support your Holiday specific marketing efforts.

Purge your Office and Organize your Paper Files.  A little clutter is one thing, but too much can add to your stress and make it harder for you to concentrate; especially when you are feeling the Holiday pressure of increased sales.  A good rule of the thumb is, if you have not used an item in the last year, recycle or donate it.  Other things like deleting old voicemails, emails, and tossing papers that are outdated, not relevant, or are duplicates.  Plus, purging your paper files now will help not only help you get through the Holidays, but will also help you get a jump on being ready for tax season next year.    

Take Charge of your Finances.  Increased Holiday orders leads to increased revenue, but you can’t get paid if you can’t invoice your customers in a timely manner.  Chances are you already have a system for processing payments, recording expenses, and tracking outstanding invoices.  However, if you have not updated your process recently, or are having issues with your current system, now is a good time to get organized and take charge of your books.  Staying on top of your finances and making these administrative tasks more efficient will make the Holiday season go much more smoothly. 

The Holidays can be a stain on any business.  By making sure you are on top of the little things will ensure that you will not miss any opportunities to grow your business throughout the year.  Have a productive Holiday and a profitable New Year!