Tips to Have a Happy Work Life (Part 3)

Work can be your happy place.

This is the final set of tips for having a happy work life!  Before, we have talked about ways to keep yourself from imploding and to make your work environment benefit you.  This time it is about your planning and how what you do now can benefit you later.  Make your future self look back and say, “Hey! Thanks past me for thinking ahead!”  It doesn’t necessarily have to be planning ahead but also handling tasks in a more organized way, figuring out what your issues are and correcting them, and giving yourself something to look forward to.  All of these will make it so much easier to leave your bed that is coincidentally more comfortable in the morning than throughout the night…

Have Long-Term Plans

This is a major point to make for small business owners!  Why would you have started your own business if not thinking about how it will benefit you in the long run?  You should always keep the future in mind because this will give you more motivation for the work you have now.  Always have goals that are planned 5, 10, or even 20 years down the line and you will always have something to keep working for.

Stop Multitasking

Stop telling yourself that you are amazing at multitasking.  Our brains actually cannot focus on multiple projects at a time.  Even if you think you are able to, your brain is actually struggling to keep switching back and forth since it only truly focuses on a single thing.  Did you know it can take up to 4 times longer for you to focus on the new situation at hand than to just finish the first?  You also retain less information when you keep switching subjects.  Keep it up and you will be mentally exhausted and this will make it hard for you to find work enjoyable.  Give the old noggin a break and only focus on one thing at a time.

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Have a Purpose

Are you doing what you love?  Can you see yourself for doing this the rest of your life?  These are very important questions to ask yourself.  If you are going to start thinking long-term then you need to be doing something that makes you happy.  Sometimes not having a happy work life is because of something you are doing, it could just be that you don’t love your job.  Okay, Love is a pretty strong word, but you should at least like your job.  It’s never too late to be doing what you enjoy!

Reflect and Reward

Everyday you should reflect on what you did that day and decide if the were a positive or negative experience.  Maybe even record these moments like in a notebook or on you computer!  If something was negative, then think of ways you could have made it positive.  This problem-solving will help you how to handle in similar future situations!  If you have some positive experiences then reward yourself.  Get yourself those Skittles you’ve been craving, go out to dinner with your significant other or some friends, or just buy yourself something you have been putting off for some time.  Do the larger rewards whenever you have larger positive experiences so it will be more worth it.  You will look forward to these little rewards and make you more eager to work.


Use these tips to make your work life happier.  Hopefully this will just make your personal life a lot better too!  You spend so much time at work so you shouldn’t have to be miserable there.

Empower yourself and choose to be happy.