Tips to Stay Healthy As Winter Comes to an End

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1.Stay Hydrated!!

Getting your recommended intake of water (about 8 individual 8 ounce glasses per
day is the general consensus) isn’t the only way. Loading up on fruits and
vegetables can help because they contain a lot of water. You can also drink tea and
have soups for lunch or dinner to increase your water intake.

2.Protect Your Skin!!

Keep that bottle of sunscreen close. With the temperatures rising and the sun
showing its face more and more it’s a great idea to spend time outside, but don’t
forget to load up on the SPF! Even on cloudy days the UV rays are still getting to
you and you can get burnt. If you do get a burn, lather on the aloe to keep your
skin moisturized and help it heal faster.

3.Start an Exercise Routine!!

The weather is getting warm and the days are getting longer which makes it a
perfect combination to get active outside. The American Heart Association
recommends that individuals do moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes per
week, or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise. Take your pup for a run

4.Renew Relationships!

It’s time to get out of the house and visit with your friends and family. Research
has shown that good, strong relationships benefit your overall health and
happiness. Spend the day with people you love, and schedule regular outings to
enjoy the great spring weather. How about a backyard BBQ to jump start spring?
Maybe go all out and throw a Luau for your neighbors?