Tips to Have a Happy Work Life (Part 2)

This week, the tips to have a happy work life will focus on NOT being glued to your desk or computer.  Also, these tips are to help you with an overall better mentality of the day rather than bringing your personal problems to work or never taking time to just rest.  Let’s try making work a happier place!

Leave Personal Problems at the Door

If you continue to stress about your personal problems at work then this will only cause that stress to grow.  It will make you feel like your work will never end and this will emotionally exhaust you.  Your productivity and creativeness will dwindle to next to nothing.  This is where you will stare at the clock and wonder why those 5 minutes felt like 20.  When walking into your workplace, take a second to drop those problems at the door.  Choose to make your day on the job a pleasant one rather than adding more stress or issues on top of what is happening in your personal life.

Pause and Breath

When you have several tasks at hand, do not try to just knock them out back to back.  Don’t worry though, we all do it.  Take time for a breather between those projects or you are going to be burned out and tired.  How can you be happy and cheerful at work if you feel like you are about to implode from your work load?  Give your mind a minute to relax and ready itself for the next project.  Make sure your work space isn’t cluttered too.  You not only need to find time to breathe, but you also need to have breathing space.

Get Moving

This goes well with taking a minute to breathe.  You need to keep yourself moving throughout the day and keep the blood flowing.  If you are ready for that breather we previously talked about, then a walk would be perfect.  Whether is is you just taking a short walk to the restroom or taking a full 10 minutes to wonder the building, it will make you feel better.  CMC’s Perfect Small Office buildings are perfect for a short walk!  Just take a minute to leave your office suite, maybe you might meet some neighbors!  We also have fitness centers at our Beckett, Mason, and Blue Ash locations.  These would be perfect for you to leave the office and exercise to let off some steam.

You Need a Best Friend at Work

Even if you are an entrepreneur and work alone, find someone that can distract you from work for a minute or two.  Your work best friend could also be someone you can vent to or relay work related ideas to them.  If you already have coworkers or employees, then finding your work best friend will make work seem more fun and can encourage your work productivity.  On average, workers that have friends at their jobs contribute more in the end.  Plus, this best friend can be someone you drag with you on your daily walks or when exercising!


Read Part 3 Next Tuesday!