Tips to Have a Happy Work Life (Part 1)

People spend so much time at work and it can sometimes be a real bummer.  If you feel like this most of the time then you should actively try to make spending time at your job a more pleasant experience.  Stop letting the common dislike of work blind you!  Remember, your bad mood can spread to others and they will have just as an unpleasant day as you.  You can make some easy changes for your days at the desk to be happier.  How can you have a happy work life?  Below are some tips!

Start “Nesting” Your Office Space

So what is “nesting” exactly?  Well, in this situation it is where you would personalize your work space.  Start adding little quirks of your personality like hints of your favorite color or keeping your favorite flowers on your desk.  Have picture frames showing off pictures of your pets, children, and/or significant others.  Of course you need to follow company guidelines, but if you are one of the many small business owners found at CMC properties then you make your own policies… if allowed per your leases!

Simply Smile

Smiles are contagious!  By just simply smiling, you will make others smile.  What is so great about that?  Whenever you smile, neuropeptides are released to your brain and it causes you to actually feel happiness.  You literally make yourself happy by just smiling.

Get Organized

Don’t get too crazy with your nesting!  A cluttered desk is going to seem chaotic to your mind and it will make your thoughts just as cluttered.  This can make you feel stressed and unhappy.  So take time to organize your work space and relieve some unneeded stress while you are at work.

Don’t Judge Others, Accept Them

Yes, we have all had jobs where there are coworkers you do not get along with.  Do not let them ruin your day though.  You cannot change them.  So, instead of getting grumpy anytime they are in the same room you need to just accept them.  They are your coworker, treat them with respect and in a professional manner.  Do not let them determine your attitude, you determine it yourself.  Who knows,  by accepting your coworker and learning more about them it could prove that both of you have more in common than you thought!

Check out Part 2 next Tuesday!