Tips for Professionalism

Sometimes it is hard to determine if you are projecting yourself as a professional individual while at work.  How should you dress?  How should you speak to people? How much information is it okay to share?  No matter the business you find yourself in, you want people know you are a professional and to take you seriously.  By how professional you act others will determine if you are someone they want to work with or not.

Want to make sure you are conducting yourself in a professional way?  Below are some tips!

Don’t Have a Sailor’s Mouth

Simply do not use profanity at work.  If you swear or curse, not only could you easily offend someone but it also makes you look bad.  Before you speak, just think if you would want your children hearing you talk like that.

Nobody Likes a Grump

Have a positive attitude while at work.  No one wants to have your bad mood taken out on them, so don’t even bring it to the office. No matter the situation you are in,  look for the silver lining and make out the best of it.  Keep in mind that you attitude can spread to others and cause a bad day for everyone.

Own Up to Your Mistakes and Don’t Lie

Know what mistakes you have made and correct them yourself.  Never blame it on someone else.  Take the initiative own up to it and then others might step up and take their share of the responsibility.  Lying about a situation will always come back and make you look bad.  This can apply to simply calling in sick just because you don’t feel like going into work that day.

Clients and Customers Don’t Need to Know Your Personal Life

When sharing personal information with a coworker or client DON’T SHARE TOO MUCH.  People do not need to know ever last detail about your life.  If a problem involves family or close friends, this is not information for the entire office.  If it is some personal information you choose to share with co-workers then do it out of the way from clients so they cannot overhear you.