Tips for Finding Cost Effective Office Space

An entrepreneur bootstrapping a startup can operate from home or a friend’s office. Such an entrepreneur will have to look for office space once the business gains a considerable number of clients. However, the prohibitive cost of leasing office space in prime locations puts off many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here are small business tips that you can use to secure office space without spending a fortune.


Clients will always judge a business based on the location of its premises. Do not relocate to the suburbs or out-of-the-way locations just because they’re affordable. Scour the town for centrally located and affordable office spaces. The rule of thumb is to look for offices that are easily accessible by employees and clients.


The majority of businesses today rely on the Internet to sell products and services, communicate with clients and employees, as well as track product deliveries. With this in mind, go for office space that has the appropriate Internet infrastructure in place. Furthermore, the office space should have ample parking space. Close proximity to eateries and restaurants is a plus to ensure employees do not have to walk far to grab a meal.

Proximity to Similar Businesses

Wall Street is synonymous with financial institutions while Silicon Valley boasts of the best technology businesses. Follow the same example and look for office space near businesses similar to the one you’re running. This will make it easy for you to network with other entrepreneurs in your industry. Proximity to similar businesses will make it easy to hire the right employees.

Finding office space can be challenging especially for small business owners. This doesn’t mean that you have to settle for substandard offices. Instead, consider factors such as location and infrastructure. It’s also wise to seek like-minded entrepreneurs and grow your business beside them. Other great office space features to take into account include security, conference room facilities, and round the clock access.