The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’s of Buying Office Furniture

As property managers, we are commonly asked the question, “Where is the best place to buy office furniture?” This is a loaded question, because there are many places to buy office furniture from. The real question is how much are you willing to pay, and what level of quality are you looking for?

Throughout the years we have purchased from them all; Staples, Bush, LOTH, IKEA, Target, and even Meijer. We buy furniture for office models, employees’ offices, and home offices. We also offer furniture packages to our tenants.

Whether you are expanding your office, starting a new satellite location, or turning a great idea into a startup business, you need furniture. That’s why we want to “share the wealth” by giving you our opinion of each brand. They all have their good, bad, and ugly’s, and it’s better to find this out through our first hand experiences rather than going into this challenge blind.

So let us begin…

Staples: They offer a large selection of modern and classic pieces for a variety of prices. You can buy one piece initially and add on attachments later. They deliver and offer assembly. This furniture looks great but does not do well if you have to relocate.

Bush: Their products are very similar to what you may find at Staples, but better quality. The desks we have from them make for a large work space and look great! They have all kinds of additions you can get to make your office look complete.

LOTH: You will find furniture with higher price tags but the quality makes up for it. Our trick is to shop the clearance section and hope to get lucky. Finding a piece from LOTH means that you can keep it forever,not to mention the pieces are beautiful.


IKEA: First of all, I love this store! It is so big and offers any style you can imagine. They have examples of each style on display, so you can see exactly what you are getting. Make sure to check out their clearance section. As long as you don’t mind getting the display model or having a knick on your desk then you can find some steals! Clearance items cannot be returned, however, so make sure you love it! The biggest down falls of IKEA furniture is that it is self-serve. You have to go to their stock room and find the furniture yourself and load it on your cart. The staff to customer ratio is awful, and to make it worse their coding system for finding items is horrible. They use numbers instead of descriptions, so if you are one number off you could end up with a bedframe instead of a desk. Once you finally get the furniture home assembly, is very complicated. Their directions for assembly are just as confusing as their coding, and assembly will take hours. Lastly, some of their furniture is very sturdy, but with IKEA you definitely get what you pay for. So all in all, I would suggest IKEA to those that have small offices that will only fit compact furniture or to someone who is just starting out and just needs pieces that will last for a year or so.|ps|branded|EST_BR_Core|go|IKEA

Target and Meijer: These stores were probably not places you ever considered buying furniture from, but you can find some great pieces at reasonable prices and the furniture lasts. Keep an eye out for close out items, because when they want to clear something out they mean it. We purchased leather guest chairs from Target originally priced at $100 per chair for $25 each. They do not have much of a selection, however, so only shop here if you have an open mind for what you want.|Brand&gclid=CPrK06CXqbwCFZJxOgodR0wAUw

If we left you wanting more and you would like more helpful tips on buying office furniture, we are more than happy to help. Visit our CMC’s The Perfect Small Office-Blue Ash Facebook page or contact us at 513-793-8600 or

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