Tenant Spotlight: Lee Side Wellness, LLC


Welcome the newest CMC’s the Perfect Small Office tenant Dr. Ronald Lee Tyson, of Lee Side Wellness LLC!  He recently opened his office in Mason.  Lee Side Wellness is a mental wellness center with a focus on healing anxiety, depression, ADHA, and substance abuse, among other conditions.  Dr. Tyson is currently accepting new patience beginning October 3rd.  His practice officially opens on November 1st.

After over 20 years of counseling students and their parents in youth ministry, he found there was the need for a safe, compassionate mental health healing service.  In an accelerated 6-year program, Lee obtained a nursing and advanced nurse practitioner degrees and certifications.  He has spent several years with acute care residential, then additional time seeing outpatients, in preparation for opening his own practice.

He chose CMC’s the Perfect Small Office in Mason for several different reasons.  First, the location can’t be beat.  “The attractive, easily accessible location in suburban Cincinnati provides my clients a convenient office to obtain mental wellness services.”  Dr. Tyson also enjoys the ways that CMC helps his business grow.  “The decision (to choose CMC) was easy.  The location, the cost, and the accommodating office management allow me to focus on growing my practice.”

Lee also understands that it is important to be passionate about what you do.  “I love helping people find their way to a healthy, fulfilling life with their family, friends, and work colleagues.”  He had good advice for those starting out, though, since we all know passion can only take you so far.  “Make sure you do lots of research, planning, and thought before jumping in to it.  Also, make sure you have a contingency plan in place and expect a lot of hard work.”  He is happy to impart any knowledge about starting his business, because there are many things he wished he had known before getting started.  “In my case, I did not have a business background, outside of church.  I needed advice on marketing, budgeting, and general business fundamentals.  I rely on many professionals to advise me.”

All the hard work and late nights are worth it, because he does it all for his family.  He and his partner, Dustin, were married on March 14, 2015 by their church pastor.  They had a four and half year old son, Emory and a just over one year old daughter, Lottie Rose.  In his spare time he watches basketball and is obsessed with The Lakers.  He also has three Weimaraner dogs.

If you would like to reach out to Dr. Lee Tyson, you can call him at 513-204-1910 or visit his website www.leesidewellness.com.  Please join me in welcoming him to the CMC family!