Tenant Spotlight: The Flying Locksmiths


Please join me in welcoming The Flying Locksmiths to the CMC’s the Perfect Small Office family.  Owner/operators Matt Smith and Rebecca Davis recently opened their office at the Mason location.  The Flying Locksmiths is a franchise company started in Boston, MA by a WWII veteran and pilot – hence the name The Flying Locksmiths.  They have been in business for over 70 years, with a great reputation for dedication to top of the line security and customer service.

Matt and Rebecca are fulfilling their dreams by opening this franchise.  “We’ve always wanted to run our own business.  We were drawn to The Flying Locksmiths because of their core/family values and dedication to providing top notch products and customer service.”  They love that they are able to help other businesses and individuals’ peace of mind by keeping them and their business safe and secure.

They are excited that CMC will be an integral part of their success.  “Having a company of all different kinds of businesses help with networking and growing your business”, said Rebecca.  They explain that they feel the cleanliness and affordability of the offices are a huge plus.  The sense of community they feel at CMC’s the Perfect Small Office is important to them.  Matt and Rebecca know all too well how hard it is to be an entrepreneur.  Matt has some great advice for other budding small business owners, “Don’t get discouraged.  There will be many bumps along the way, but if you have a vision and work hard, you will be successful.”

The core family values of The Flying Locksmiths were also very important to them.  They have a 9-year old son with another on the way.  “I wish someone had told us how important it is to unplug from the business and enjoy family life as much as possible.”  When they are not growing their business, they enjoy spending time as a family playing games, watching movies, and being outside playing sports as much as possible.  Their son is the most important person to them, which is why they work so hard at growing the business.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Matt and Rebecca you can do so via email or phone:

Matt Smith: matt.smith@flyinglocksmiths.com; 513-375-4945

Rebecca Davis: rebecca.davis@flyinglocksmiths.com; 513-265-5091