Tips for Staying Motivated at Work!

We’ve all had our days on the job where we felt unmotivated, tired, and wanting to put off our work until tomorrow. Whether it is because we are tired Monday morning or ready to jump-start our weekend Friday afternoon, unproductiveness happens to all of us. The good news is that we can control our motivation for work no matter what the day is.

               The following tips can be applied to keep your motivation (and productivity) up!:

  1. Thinking Positive: If you are already feeling unmotivated, you may be feeling negatively towards the work that needs to be done. Instead of saying to yourself, “I don’t feel like working on my budget report” say “I am blessed to have a job and have a task to complain about and once my report is done I don’t have to worry about it”. So put on some uplifting music, think positive, and get to work! They say a bad day of employment is better than a great day of unemployment.
  1. Reward Yourself: Reward yourself for completing a task. Knowing that you will have a “prize” at the end of your task will motivate you to complete what you want to put off. It can be as simple as saying “Once I complete my budget report, I will give myself a 5 minute Facebook break.”
  1. Identify Your “Burn-Out” Period: Is there a particular period of the day that you just feel completely burnt-out? For me, this period usually happens to be after lunch. Since I know I get tired after eating, I like to take a small walk around my building or property to wake my body up. Figuring out what your burnout triggers are and how to combat them will help your productivity.
  1. Do The Thing You Don’t Want to do First: Back to the budget report. Say this report has been nagging at you all week. You just don’t want to do it; it’s long, boring, and hurts your brain. However, no matter how hard you pray it away you’ll still need to complete it. By doing it first thing you won’t have to worry about it later or letting it hamper on your mood for longer.
  1. Think About Your Accomplishments: One way to keep your momentum up on the job is to think of all the things you’ve accomplished. Maybe you got a promotion, won an award, signed a new deal or just completed a few smaller tasks.

So next time you’re feeling unmotivated and dreaming for 5 o’clock, give these tips a try and I am sure you will see some improvement in your work!