Social Interaction vs Social Media

Working from home sounds ideal, right? Sure, there are benefits of not getting dressed in the morning or that dreaded commute….in the snow! We all have thought about the luxury of being able to relax at home or getting dinner in the crock pot before we start our workday.  We think about  the time we would be spending on our normal morning routines and having flexibility in our schedules to accommodate life. How could there ever be a disadvantage of working from home?


From what I have experienced, it takes a highly motivated and organized individual to sit down at your desk, with mounds of housework taunting you everywhere you look and that oh so tempting bed screaming your name. It seems as though the whole world has turned their focus to social media, but what happened to social interaction? Networking events seem to focus on exchanging social media connections rather than discussing business and how two different concepts can work together. There is something to be said for the social interaction of being around fellow businessmen and woman that makes you work to your highest potential. There is an, often unspoken, sense of competition that drives people to try harder, think differently and achieve more when surrounded by their peers.  With week after week of working from home, it seems as though the walls would start caving in and the line that once so clearly defined work from home soon becomes a distant memory.