Smart Shirts? YES!!


Smart wearables Biometric devices are here! On your wrist, in your ear, in your shoes, around your chest, on your glasses and/or in your shirt!

Yes, Biometric accessories coupled to Bluetooth and your smartphone can monitor your heartbeat, breathing, breathing volume, and motion.

Using smart bio-sensors and tri axis accelerometers help to motion sensors in order to track your basic functions. The applications on a smart phone interpret the information to monitor and critique your work out.

Our Perfect Small Office Mason Tenant, Samsin, the owner of Blaupunkt, has developed a biometric, stereo headphone system. These headphones work with  Bluetooth and a smart phone application to track, pace, speed, distance, duration, cadence, step rate and elevation that can calculate cardio efficiency and project weight loss and net fat burned in a work out, all while listening to stereo or taking a call.

Shirts that measure your movement and your intensity through silver-based thread integrated into the shirt, captured by a little box the size of a credit card that sends a message via Bluetooth to your phone. It includes a magnometer, gyrometer and accelerometer to record and track your movements and steps.

Pedo-Biometrics Lab has developed a shoe insole that rate how much pressure is applied to each foot and a person’s monitor gait. 

The manufactures have stayed away from making medical conclusions from this data as the standards for medical applications are not yet written and are evaluated on a device by device basis.

We applaud our Mason Office Center tenant, Samsin for this amazing innovation and we look forward to hearing more about the success of this device.

For more information visit:

Blaupunkt/Biostrive, You Tube,

John Koestsier, 5/8/14