Simple Tips to Separate your Work from your Personal Life

It seems like many entrepreneurs work 24/7 these days.  It can be difficult to remain present and stay focused on our family when things like your inbox or that upcoming presentation keep you constantly distracted.  The following are a few simple tips to help create some separation in your work and personal life.

Don’t use your personal Facebook profile for work:

Social media marketing is definitely important to have to promote and grow your small business.  Keep a separate page for your business and your personal profile for family and friends only.  Blurring the lines could lead to the worst of both worlds – you run the risk of annoying friends by promoting your business and you can’t be too personal without coming across unprofessional.  Be safe and keep them separate.

Smart Scheduling:

It is hard to keep your business life from running all over your personal life, especially if you don’t set boundaries.  Be sure to reserve personal time in your schedule for activities that add value to your life, like a date night, family game nights, or daily exercise.  Don’t let plans with friend or family be put to the side because you are busy at work.  Set ‘hard in’ and ‘hard out’ time to start you day and end your day so you have time for both.


Meditation can help you to mentally disconnect from work before you begin your evening at home.  This could help you to free you mind up for new ideas and be more creative.  You can be present for your family and improve your mind to still continue growing your business.  If you don’t have time for meditation, or it is just not your cup of tea, disconnecting from technology once home could have similar benefits.

Be the boss:

When starting your business, you and your team spend a lot of time together.  It is ok to be personal and professional friends, but remember that you are their boss first and foremost.  Be reasonable, be respectable, and be sure that you are setting the standard for work ethic and expectations.

Don’t take work home with you:

The fastest, and best, way to separate work from home is to physically keep them separate.  Don’t curl up on your favorite chair with your laptop to go over a work presentation, and, don’t check your personal email at work.  Conditioning yourself to work at work and leave it at the office will help you achieve balance.

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