Roar Past Failure

Failure is one of the hardest situations to get past, but everyone experiences it from time to time.  What really matters is if you let it set you back or you push through it.


The first step at getting through failure is that you need to recognize that it is a part of life.  You need to become comfortable that it will happen and accept it.  Children are usually reprimanded for failure and then they create habits like procrastination to avoid it as much as possible.  Stop avoiding it and know that with failure you can grow into so much more.

Own It:

You know when you make a mistake so you need to own up to it.  Take responsibility for your own actions and words.  By doing this you can also help strengthen your bond with clients because they will learn they can trust you.  It’s easier to push the blame off on someone else, but they will only hurt you AND that other person in the long run.


Accept the failures that have happened.  You do not need to hold yourself back by dwelling on past mistakes.  Learn from those mistakes and grow from them, this will help your business grow with you.  Learn to accept those failure at the present instead of seeing it as an obstacle and then look at it as a challenge to practice your wits and skills.  By accepting you mistakes this way, it shows you will not surrender to failure.


Start asking questions and then answer them.  What caused this mistake? What could I have done differently?  What can I do next time?  Reflect back on the situation and figure out how to handle it if it were to happen again.  Come up with a plan and move on.  Once you reflect back, you don’t need to keep dwelling.  You need to learn what to do right next time.


Roar past failure and don’t surrender to it!