Turfway – Brandon

I have had the pleasure of leasing from CMC Turfway for over 30 months. Coming to CMC Turfway was one of the best decisions I made when opening my business (Meade Chiropractic, LLC). While there have been many ups and downs since opening my doors, the service I have received from the property manager (George Fiorini) has always been excellent, from the time I called George after finding out about CMC properties through google, to today. George has been hands on, and any requests or concerns I have had, are always dealt with in a professional, timely manner. I would absolutely recommend CMC properties at Turfway to other business professionals looking for space to lease. Not only has George met all my business needs, he has also helped expand my business by introducing me to several other business owners on the campus at Turfway, and many have become, and are current patients! Thanks, George!
– Brandon Meade, DC Meade Chiropractic, LLC