Springdale – Dr Jacq

“After over 5 years of being a tenant at the CMC-Springdale property… I will be moving out of the state and will no long be in need of office space. CMC-Springdale has been “the perfect small office” for GGEM Christian Counseling Services. We started with a small office in the hallway and eventually moved to an office on the outside wall. I knew that as I continued to grow, CMC would be able to meet my needs. I always found the building to be safe, clean, and quiet, just the right atmosphere for me to conduct my business. The cleaning crew was also so polite as many times I worked late evenings and saw them quite often. I was especially happy to see the upgrade to a digital building directory and to know that CMC was trying to keep up with technology.”
– Dr. Jacqueline Smith, GGEM Christian Counseling Services.