Carmel – Anonymous

“The best thing about this center in Carmel is the people. The team has a great response time with any of our needs. We are a small company trying to grow our business. The last thing we need is to be nickle and dimed. We used to lease with another center that charged us for every little thing. The staff goes out of their way to help us. When they see I’m carrying more than I should, they stop what they’re doing and help me with my things. No position is ever too big for them to lend a helping hand. Sometimes I see the manager chasing out the goose off the property because she doesn’t want us to step on their manure. I highly recommend this center to anyone who is tired of feeling like a number with their landlord. Their prices are very competitive and I’m only paying one landlord! Best thing about this office: The people are great. The prices are competitive. The response time is unbeatable. The building is new and impressive to my guests.”
– Anonymous