Re-Thinking the Ideal, Time-Saving Holiday Shopping Solution

     Let’s admit it, for small business owners, choosing holiday gifts for friends, family, loved ones, employees, co-workers, clients and partners can be stressful bothersome during a time that is cram packed with so much to do. It’s hard to find time to catch your breath to enjoy the season. Sometimes we just throw something together without much thought just so we can cross something off a very-long-list-of-things-to-do. Let me offer a solution that you are already aware of…….Gift Cards. Gifts cards get a bum rap sometimes as being representative of the quick and easy solution to the dreaded task of gift selection. I beg to differ with this notion. The old ways of purchasing gift cards are behind us. This way called for someone to conserve time by making one stop to buy the same gift card for everyone. It’s true, that there wasn’t a lot of thought put into the gifts individually. Vegetarians were given gifts cards to a steak house while the lactose intolerant received gift cards to the ice cream shop.

     Today, we have vast choices of gift card options available to us at one stop. We have all seen the large gift card kiosks at the grocery store and gas stations. Have you ever stopped to look at the wide variety at your fingertips? Here are some ideas for giving the gift of gift cards in a way that is thoughtful and practical for each and every individual on your list:

Children: King Island, Coney Island, AMC Theaters, Cold Stone Creamery, Fandango Movie Tickets, Game Stop, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, IHOP, The Cheesecake Factory and Graeter’s.

Singles: Ticketmaster, Buffalo Wild Wings, Rock Bottom Brewery, The Gap, Jeff Ruby’s, LaRosa’s

Men: Bass Pro Shop, Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Cabela’s, Sears, Morton’s

Women: Sephora, Massage Envy, DSW, Macy’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Everyone: Target, Any Gas Card, Kroger, Starbucks, PetsMart, Outback, Amazon, Groupon

Young Adults: iTunes, Google Play, Finish Line, Footlocker, Skyline, Nike, Old Navy

(All of these cards can be found at your local Kroger. They are just few of the many available. Make this your one-stop holiday errand to end all errands.)

Happy Holidays from CMC’s The Perfect Small Office!