PSO Mason Tenant Spotlight: Webster Interactive

Webster Interactive, LLC

Name of business and how would you describe it in 30 seconds?

We merge creativity and technology into problem solving tools for businesses. We are a small team of graphic designers and web programmers.  We build corporate and educational learning programs, instructional and informational animations, and web applications. We deliver agency-quality work, with the speed and nimbleness of a freelancer.

How did you get started?

The company was established in 2008 and developed out of side-projects that the current owners would do to supplement their income and hone their graphic and development skills. Even with solid jobs in corporate America it became evident that branching out on their own would allow them to explore a wider range of development and graphic opportunities.

Favorite part of what you do?

Exploring new ideas to convey common messages to enhance a learner/user’s experience with a product or company.

Anything else you would like mentioned?

In our ten years of experience we have found that what makes us different is that our owner works in the business. This allows our customers transparency into our processes. We stand apart by being truthful and reliable. We deliver on time and are quick to respond. We unite top quality creative services and cutting edge tech services under one roof.

Can your business be of service to other tenants here? If so, how?

Yes, by leveraging any of our services for their business needs.