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All Investment Counselors are not the same. Just ask Sam Baynes.

Sam Baynes founded Baynes Investment Counsel with one thing in mind- to offer the best in class financial advisory, asset management services and retirement planning. As a fiduciary. the company adheres to only the highest standard of care when providing investment advice and service. The result? The best solutions for your individual financial needs.

Unlike typical brokers, Baynes Investment Counsel is free-based, so they only do better when you do better. All trade fees are covered in advisory accounts- there is no charging of commissions.

“Every client is different,” said Sam Baynes, Principal. “Their financial goals are very individual to them. We work on investment plans that are custom designed, using a unique, rigorous development process. It’s a tailored approach to each client.”

At the core of the company are important values:

  • Integrity and Honesty in everything we do.
  • Our clients and the trust they put in us.
  • Competence and Prudent Judgement in decision making.
  • Service, Value and Collaboration with our team professionals.

Clients enjoy following the Baynes 3-step approach to developing their individual plan.

First, an extensive questionnaire helps determine the best path to take. Next a personalized financial plan is developed. And finally, the plan is put into action!

Results with this approach have produced success, as well as satisfied customers.

“Clients want focused answers to very important questions,” continued Baynes. “Can I retire early? Are my investment working hard enough? How should I approach college savings? What’s a sound strategy? Do I have enough life insurance? We develop each plan to address the individual situation.

A CMC Tenant, with beautiful offices located in the 7577 building, Suite 100, Sam Baynes invites fellow CMC tenants to stop in and chat.

Baynes Investment Counsel:

(513) 577-5770 | | | Building 7577, Suite 100