Your Office Needs a Spring Cleaning Too

Spring is here whether it feels like it or not.  It is time to start your spring cleaning, but not only at your home!  Your office needs a little extra TLC too.  Start organizing those papers and files, clean the dust bunnies, and revisit your budget.

Organizing Papers and Files

It’s great to keep track of any receipts, contracts, or current client information.  Make sure you aren’t hording these though.  If something is older than 2 years and you haven’t had any use of it then it is time to pitch that paperwork.  A couple of our locations, like Blue Ash and Mason, have community shredding days to give our tenants a free service of shredding those unwanted documents.  So Blue Ash tenants… our shred day is April 30th, so no excuses for excessive paperwork after that!

After having a fun day of throwing away and shredding paper, you will need to go back to the documents you are keeping and organize them.  Make it a system that will make it be easy for you to keep up with and easy for you to find what you are looking for.  Filing cabinets might be a great investment for this!

Stock Supplies

Have you been putting off ordering more supplies and you have been trudging away with what you have?  Go ahead and stock up for the year, especially if you are someone that always forgets to order new supplies.  Order new checks, printer ink, envelopes, and basic office needs.  If you end up having too much then just use it next year!  Better to have more than what you need than not having enough.

Calendar Updates

If you already know of some plans for the year, go ahead and put it on your calendars.  Plan ahead meetings, media posts, or even your vacation.  Organize your year ahead of time to relieve future you of some stress.  When doing this, make sure you update your paper calendars, planners, phone calendar, and computer calendar.  Sync everything so you have access to your plans at any time.

Avoid Messy Media

Bring order to your media just like you did with your paper documents.  Upload all your pictures to your computer or a flash drive to late clear them from your phone or camera.  This will give you the change to also delete pictures you don’t need or want.  Start creating folders on your computer to have an organized system of all your information and remove everything from your desktop.  Lastly, plan ahead your social media posts.  Use different platforms that post on your social media for you on selected day.  You could create the posts today and tell the platform to post them on December 1st!  Knock out your entire year of social media and remove one more thing from your plate.


Go through your budgets and see where you need to allocate more money.  Maybe you didn’t need as much for one thing, but you did need more for another.  This will let you see where your money is going and how smart your are being with it.  Questions each expense and determine if there is a way to lower it or eliminate it.  Give each dollar a purpose.  Worry about the pennies and don’t just focus on the big bucks.  Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.