Nonprofit Tips on #GivingTuesday

In honor of #GivingTuesday today, November  28th,  we are going to give some tips for our nonprofits.  We have a few nonprofits as tenants with our commercial properties. Specifically, in Blue Ash there are about 10 groups and we have our Greenhouse program for them to be a part of.  The people found in our nonprofits are hard-working and generous, all working to inspire the community and help those in need.  These groups are essentially businesses, they need to have goals, leadership, collaboration, and communication.  Nonprofits will need to work on these skills also, they don’t just start as a well-oiled machine.


This skill is always important! The difference for a nonprofit though is that you need to not only communicate with your team, but also stakeholders.  These are the people that will give you donations so you need be transparent and let them see what they are contributing to.  In doing so, they will know when you need help the most and will understand what their support is doing for your organization.

Don’t Apologize for Fundraising

Your a part of a NONPROFIT, as in you do not keep any profit.  You should not be afraid or ashamed for fundraising.  People that truly support your cause understand that sometimes you need to ask for money or donations, but this is where being good at communicating with them helps.  Do not wait until you are close to hysteria and desperate for help, be calm and collected.  Simply let stakeholders know when you need help, how they can help, and what their help does for the organization.

Collaboration Not Contention

Yes, your nonprofit could not be the only one of it’s kind and you might see the other groups similar to yours as a threat.  You are both working for the same cause though.  Why fight and waste energy over contributors, volunteers, or facilities?  You could collaborate together and make the force of your cause even stronger.  Sometimes working together will benefit the greater cause.

Your Mission

This is the core of the nonprofit.  What are you working towards?  Who is it that you are trying to help?  You need to know the answer to these or your nonprofit will have no end goal.  Reign in your idea and be certain of what your mission is.  Bring together all the aspects and goals that your organization will be or is built around, but do not loose the quality of each individual aspect.  Figure out what the focus is and make sure it follows the core services and programs that makes up your nonprofit.


Happy #GivingTuesday!