New Tenant Highlight: Vim & Vigor

Vim & Vigor Revitalizin Health Center has created a unique approach to restoring the energy in your life through three main services: Massage, Fitness, Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. We address the body’s inner flows of energy to relax you. We restore balance, strength and function to weak or compromised areas of the body. We revitalize neurological pathways to remove barriers to movement such as pain, muscle tensions,weakness, or limited range of motion so you can do the activities you love and achieve your health goals. Vim & Vigor means energy, vitality and enthusiasm and we believe everyone could always use a little more of that.

We are the first in the area to deliver this type of neuro-muscular rehabilitation. This is cutting edge technology that the athletes have been using for over 30 years and now anyone can take advantage of it’s miraculous capabilities. Imagine getting relief from the folllowing:

Back and Neck Pain

Joint Pain

Joint Injuries

Muscle Aches and Weakness

Prevention of Surgery

and more…..

Call us and schedule a MASSAGE ($10 Discount) or FREE HEALTH CONSULTATION

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