New Tenant Highlight: Platinum Fitness

Michael Britten (ISSA CPT) of Platinum Fitness is a new tenant at The Perfect Small Office – Turfway.  His Personal Training business brings training, education, support, and goal setting to his clients who are looking for a change in their lifestyle.  Whether it’s losing weight, weight gain, athletic performance, disease risk reduction, or just to get out of the house; Platinum Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals.  

Accordingly to Michael Britten; strength training is very important for many reasons. 

“I have the knowledge and experience required to properly address the importance of strength training.  Everyone wants to look nice in clothing, feel good about their appearance, do their best to avoid health issues, and have enough energy to make it through daily tasks. Most people think that by only doing aerobic exercises, this will be sufficient enough to achieve their goals. If you only did cardiovascular exercises daily to lose weight, it will help to condition your heart and your body will respond by shedding body fat, but you will also be losing muscle. After the age of 30, everyone will begin to lose muscle mass and decrease in bone density. For those that are sedentary (inactive), one can lose as much as 3-5%. After the age of 35, you will lose an average of 5% of muscle mass every 10 years. So the more muscle mass you gain, it will not only increase your muscular strength but also help with musculoskeletal functions and help avoid unnecessary injuries.”

As a CMC tenant, you can take advantage of a complimentary health and fitness evaluation and consultation.  If you are one who is pressed for time, a mid day lunch workout may be just what you need.  After your workout The Perfect Small Office has shower facilities in building 75 to get you back to work without offending your co-workersJ

Michael Britten

International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition & Exercise Therapy Specialist

71 Cavalier Blvd, suite 110 Florence, KY 41042

Cell: 504-284-8793