New Roof Scheduled for CMC Retail Center in West Chester, OH

CMC Beckett is excited to inform you that we have finalized plans to replace the roof of the front retail building! We appreciate your patience through the storms that we have experienced and are happy to be completing this project this year. 

We have again contracted with Reroof America (a Tenant of our Turfway Office Center in Florence, KY) and work is scheduled to begin on Saturday, September 5, 2015; we are hopeful that all work will be completed no later than Sunday, September 13, 2015 and are optimistic this will be done sooner (pending weather conditions and any unexpected delays). 

We have been in communication with the contractor who will be overseeing the project and believe that they will do everything possible to minimize the impact that this will have on your business and those entering and exiting the building. 

On Saturday, September 5 materials will be delivered and loaded onto the existing roof. Work is plotted to begin on Monday, September 7 (Labor Day). Crews will be on site between 7am-8am each day and will work until close to dark. Though plans may be altered for a variety of reasons, crews plan to complete the front of the building first, beginning on the south side (unit 8115) and moving north before completing the rear of the building. The existing roof will be removed in sections and disposed of from the rear of the building. Please use extreme caution if entering or exiting from the rear of the building as existing shingles and materials are being disposed of from the roof into dumpsters. 

Two dumpsters will be placed at the rear of the building. We ask that no cars be parked directly behind the building, beginning Saturday, September 5 until the project is complete and dumpsters are removed. You may utilize the parking spaces facing the drive lane behind the building but encourage you to park in the lot of office building 8080 to allow as much room as possible for the contractors to work and keep the area clean of debris. If you anticipate using your garage door this week, please let us know so we can ensure that their dumpsters do not block your door and this can be coordinated with the contractors. Trash and recycling dumpsters that you have behind your units will not be impacted and do not need to be relocated. 

We understand that this will be an inconvenience to you, your employees, clients, and customers; however the project is necessary and unfortunately does take time. If you would like to utilize our community conference room (located in office building 8050) during this project for any reason, we will be happy to reserve it for you at no cost. Our conference room is reserved on a first come, first served basis. 

If there is anything that would be beneficial for CMC and/or Reroof America to be aware of, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact the Management Office as soon as possible so that we can work through this together. If at any point during the project you have concerns, please contact Management immediately at 513-910-3029 rather than addressing concerns directly with the crew.