Melissa Holley

My name is: Melissa Holley

Title: Property Manager at Blue Ash

Length of Employment: March 2018

Hello! My name is Melissa Holley and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Blue Ash.
My background includes over 10 years experience in Residential Property Management and Real Estate. I am truly passionate about building a strong sense of community by bringing people together from all different walks of life, creating an atmosphere that’s not only welcoming but also the feeling of belonging. I have two daughters and four stepchildren who I love spending time with listening to music, watching movies, doing any kind of arts and crafts, and vacationing. After the recent loss of my husband to Stage IV Cancer I now find peace in helping and empowering others to overcome adversity by extending love, kindness and empathy. I am excited to help small businesses grow by simplifying the lives of our customers, and creating opportunities for business to business connections.
Fun Facts: Competed in the 2018 CrossFit Open, Enjoys Running for Charity Events, Loves Dancing and Art, Certified Scuba Diver.