Meet the Staff


Hello! My name is Caitlin Beckett and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office-Beckett in West Chester.

I started with CMC in July 2013, though I had been a Tenant at CMC-Blue Ash for about 4 years prior. I graduated from NKU in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and have been involved in business ever since. This position allows me to engage with a wide variety of businesses and assist entrepreneurs with the details so that they can focus on the growth of their business. I truly enjoy being available to discuss a situation and options with a tenant when they are working through a business matter; sometimes an outside perspective helps bring clarity to a decision.


My name is: Susanne Warner

Title: Property Manager at Beechmont

Length of Employment: January 2017

Random fun facts: I enjoy spending time with my family and friends (especially my son and fiance), love to travel, especially to someplace warm.  I find swimming and playing tennis to be relaxing.

I have years of unique experience in real estate, leasing and property management and genuinely enjoy what I do.  After just my first week in Anderson, I can honestly say that I love being part of the CMC-Beechmont family!


Blue Ash

My name is: Mike Fenech

Title: Property Manager at Blue Ash

Length of Employment: Since September of 2016

Random fun facts: Proud Blue Ash local, University of Cincinnati grad, and volleyball coach for Lakota East High School

“After years of experience in Residential Property Management, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed infusing my brand of customer service into CMC’s Commercial division in Blue Ash. With a minor in Entrepreneurship, I take a great sense of pride and joy helping small businesses take off and thrive.”




Name: Lisa Rosenthal

Title: Administrative Assistant

Length of Employment: +1 Year

Memory of service: It was near the end of the day and Skilled Staffing called the office in a panic. They needed to close the window, in their boss’s interior office, for the weekend when the wind blew the door to the office shut and it was locked. We generally don’t have keys for the interior door but I ran over with a key that I found for their suite and it unlocked the door. The woman in the office hugged me because she was so happy.

Fun Facts: Northside is my favorite neighborhood and my favorite places are the Listing Loon, Northside Yacht Club, and Shake it Records. I love the Findlay Market and the Hyde Park Farmers Market.

I worked at MTV starting four months before it was first aired on August 1st, 1981 and attended the launch party, July 31st, 1981. Because MTV would not be available in NYC for another year, we were all brought by school bus, including the VJ’s, to a bar in NJ to watch the historic moment.


Name: Kierstin Greene 

Title: Assistant Operations and Marketing Manager

Length of Employment: Began in July of 2017

Fun Facts: Recent graduate from NKU with a bachelor’s in Media Informatics.  Loves to travel and has been to Singapore, Bali, and Spain!


Name: Ann O’Neal

Title: Property Manager

Length of Employment: 4.5 years

Favorite memory of service given to customer: There are so many! Well, there isn’t one in particular, but it is always rewarding to see a business expand and grow, even if it is to the point that we can no longer accommodate their growth. I hate to see anyone leave, but it is pleasing to know that you were part of their success.  It is truly fulfilling because you get to know so many different people and become part of their lives.

Best CMC memory: I always think about how many great people I have met and how many lifelong friends I have made while working with CMC.

Proudest moment: Reaching 100% occupancy in the 1st 6 months after taking over the Mason property.

Random fun fact: I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years when I was younger. One of my 1st jobs in high school was to be Barney Rubble at Kings Island.


Name: Pete Montgomery

Title: Property Manager at Springdale 

Length of Employment: I have been with CMC for 4 years as of May 1st

My favorite customer memory would have to be when I rented to a company called Frame & Save. They started out in a small Executive office and within 4 years they have expanded into a 10,000 sf warehouse that they now own. It’s great to see a company grow.

My proudest moment: I have had a couple but what stands out for me is when I closed a 10,000 sf deal with Krogers. It’s by far one of the biggest deals I have done to date.

Random fun fact about me: I have been a DJ for over 20 years now on the side and have played at several clubs and bars throughout the city.

Name: Jim Balitsis

Title: Maintenance Man

Length of Employment: 5 years of service

Favorite memory of customer service: A tenant gave me a tip for fixing their air conditioning quickly

Best CMC memory: Annual thank you card from regional director for years of service

Proudest moment: Fixing A/C’s that the other maintenance guys couldn’t figure out

Favorite candy: Turtles


Name: Debbie Smith

Title: Administrative Assistant

Length of Employment: 1.5 Years

Favorite memory of service given to customer: A retail tenant’s complex lease and incremental billing had been miscalculated from the beginning of a long-term lease, so when the tenant contacted me regarding the discrepancy in the terms and expanding outstanding amount due each month, I researched and identified the errors, made billing corrections and called the tenant back that very same day explaining what the problem was and that it was all taken care of.

Best CMC Memory: Thank you luncheon given to me when I departed a short-term part-time stint working at the corporate office.

Proudest moment: Trained two new PSO employees on efficient office procedures after just one year of employment with CMC.

Random fun fact: I have a passion for psychology, I am a certified stress-relief coach.


Name: Brian Toomey

Title: Property Manager 

Length of Employment: 2 years

Favorite memory of service given to customer: I really enjoy finalizing everything for a customer who needs office space last minute; making things as easy as possible for them. Sometimes customers may want the space and move in the same day they speak to me. Although a challenge; it’s very rewarding to be able to accomplish this to satisfy the customer.

Proudest moment: Each year my maintenance tech and myself help less fortunate children in need by hosting a Christmas gift drive. Tenants really like this cause and we acquire car loads of gifts from them on site in which we donate to children in hopes to bring smiles to their faces.

Random fun fact: Outside of full time employment I have a part time personal training business, officiate high school basketball for the 9th region of NKY, and play the drums.

Name: Bill Ring

Title: Maintenance Technician 

Length of Employment: 6 years

Best CMC memory: Everyone at Turfway has been patient and understanding of my medical condition.

Proudest moment: I get great satisfaction when I am able to complete jobs on the property normally contracted out to save CMC money.

Random fun fact: I’m an avid fisherman.


Name: Angelo Smith

Title: Property Manager

Length of Employment: 2 months

Favorite memory of service given to customer: Going to the location of a potential tenant who was lost getting to our office. I drove to their location, introduced myself, and proceeded to have them follow me back to the office for their scheduled tour. They were beyond grateful that I went above and beyond what was called for and decided to lease with us before the tour even started.

Random fun fact: Former D1 college basketball player – have been teammates of both David West and George Hill of the NBA.