Meet the Staff


Name: Lindsay Ruef

Title: Property Manager at Beckett

Length of Employment: Began in July of 2021

Hello! I’m Lindsay Ruef and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office-Beckett in West Chester. I love meeting new people and am always willing to help, no matter how big or small the task may be. My husband is a small business owner, so I understand the overwhelming tasks that present themselves when growing your business. I hope to make the process of leasing office space one that is seamless and supportive!

Fun Facts: I love to make unique items and gifts with my Cricut (a vinyl cutting machine) for friends & family!


Name: Jillian Price

Title: Property Manager at Beechmont

Length of Employment: Began in March of 2020

My name is Jillian and I’m the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Beechmont! I graduated from the University of Cincinnati where I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Media and Marketing.

Fun Facts: I am also a dance fitness instructor, I have run two half marathons and I foster kittens and puppies for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue!

Blue Ash

Name: Melissa Holley

Title: Property Manager at Blue Ash

Length of Employment: Began in March of 2018

Hello! My name is Melissa Holley and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office Blue Ash.

I am truly passionate about helping small businesses grow and succeed. I love spending time with my 2 daughters listening to music, watching movies, doing any kind of arts and crafts, and vacationing. 

Fun Facts: Competed in the 2018 CrossFit Open, Enjoys Running for Charity Events, Loves Dancing and Art, Certified Scuba Diver.




Name: Sadie Tumbleson

Title: Assistant Operations and Marketing Manager

Length of Employment: Began in August of 2018

My name is Sadie and I’m the Assistant Operations and Marketing manager at CMC’s The Perfect Small Office, Blue Ash! I graduated from University of Cincinnati where I studied Electronic Media Communications and Animation.

Fun Facts: I received an Honorable Mention from the NATAS (National Academy of Television, Arts, and Sciences) for an animation I created while in school.



Name: Kristen Romani

Title: Property Manager at Mason

Length of Employment: Began in July of 2021

Hello! My name is Kristen Romani and I am the Property Manager at CMC’s Perfect Small Office Mason. I have a background in accounting and office administration for the last 14+ years. What I am most proud of is being a mom to my two boys, aged 5, and 9 (almost 10), they keep me busy when not I’m not at work. My husband Nick and I live in Okeana and love the country life, such as fishing, four-wheeling, etc.

Fun Facts: I’m a singing, dancing fool. Give me a glass of wine, some good music and maybe even a microphone and I will entertain!


Name: Pete Montgomery

Title: Property Manager at Springdale 

Length of Employment: I have been with CMC for 4 years as of May 1st

My favorite customer memory would have to be when I rented to a company called Frame & Save. They started out in a small Executive office and within 4 years they have expanded into a 10,000 sf warehouse that they now own. It’s great to see a company grow.

My proudest moment: I have had a couple but what stands out for me is when I closed a 10,000 sf deal with Krogers. It’s by far one of the biggest deals I have done to date.

Random fun fact about me: I have been a DJ for over 20 years now on the side and have played at several clubs and bars throughout the city.


Name: Tony Niehaus

Title: Maintenance  

Length of Employment: Began in April of 2020

Bio: Tony has been with CMC for 6 years. Tony started at CMC working at residential properties and transitioned to commercial properties.

Fun Facts: Tony loves to spend his time off boating.



Name: Brian Toomey

Title: Property Manager at Turfway

Length of Employment: Began in September of 2014

6 yrs experience.  License Real Estate Sales in Ohio

Fun Facts:  Hobbies include playing drums, sports, concerts, and DIY projects.  I also officiate high school basketball for the 9th region of Northern KY.   Currently a retired Personal Trainer/Exercise Specialist.


Name: Cathie Reamer

Title: Property Assitant

Length of Employment: May 24, 2010

Favorite customer service story:  On a hot, cloudy, sprinkling rainy day in July 2013 while working alone in the Leasing Office (property manager quit), I was standing in the middle of our parking lot trying to deal with the parking lot repair crew, when a potential tenant approached and asked to see available space.  We went inside I showed them and he asked “can we move in this afternoon?” Yep.  He is still our tenant to this day – 3-15-18.

Best CMC memory:  Having my very very favorite property manager/maintenance man return to work here in the Leasing Office.

Proudest moment:  In 2013 while on my own in the Leasing Office (property manager quit) I leased 11 suites in one month.

Random fun facts about me:  I was the Assistant to the Mayor of Carmel, Indiana for 4 years.  Our offices were in the historic Carnegie Library that has now been converted into a restaurant.  I always sit at the table where my desk was. I was in a body cast for 6 months in the ‘60’s.  I have an autograph picture of Dick Clark signed to me 37 years apart (1957) while on American Bandstand and in 1994 due to a serendipitous event when I just happened to have the same photo with me when we met again.

Name: Richard Lambert

Title: Property Manager

Length of Employment: 2011

My favorite customer memory would have to be when we had a large ice storm and I had a tour that day. The prospect was stuck in the garage so I went over and helped her and her husband clear the driveway. She leased with us.

My proudest moment: My proudest moment is when CMC gave me the opportunity become a Property Manager.

Random fun fact about me: I am not only the property manager but I also do all of the maintenance as well.