Mason Tenant Spotlight: Therapy Learning Center

When talking with Susie Jividen, it is obvious where her passion and expertise lie! As a practicing Occupational Therapist of 33 years, Mrs. Jividen and her staff are committed to helping families and their loved ones lives become a little easier.  In addition to providing speech and OT services in several local schools, TLC also offers the Sensory Learning Program.

The Sensory Learning Program is a 30-day non-invasive approach which uses light, sound and motion simultaneously to stimulate and organize the brain.  This approach has been used successfully in treating individuals with sensory processing challenges, learning difficulties, coordination challenges, speech/language delays, visual dysfunction, anxiety and behavioral challenges.

Working with individuals from 2 ½ years through adulthood, Susie has witnessed many success stories and positive life changes.

When Susie was asked her reasoning for selecting CMC to locate her practice, she cited location, safety and a great business community!

Please contact Susie for your complimentary sample session today! or 513-808-0424