Mason Tenant Spotlight: Greater Cincinnati Natural Health

Helping the Body heal itself…Greater Cincinnati Natural Health.

Guillermo Caal started his journey on the natural approaches to health when his oldest son was diagnosed with an incurable disease. Exploring alternatives, he became passionately interested in natural ways to improve health, eventually becoming a naturopath. After seeing great results with family and friends, Guillermo opened Greater Cincinnati Natural Health (GCNH) with a deep desire to help the community.

GCNH is a holistic practice, leveraging the body’s amazing capabilities to heal itself by providing natural elements, energies, and balance. The practice is the first in Cincinnati to use Biomagnetism, a leading-edge approach using magnets to balance energies in the body.

When asked what is most meaningful to him, Guillermo answers with uplifting success stories: a two-year-old girl that could not walk and now can…an eight-year-old boy who had anger issues and was expelled from school, who now plays with friends without problems…a young woman who suffered from pain and fatigue, who now has full relief.

GCNH is offering fellow Mason CMC tenants a free introductory session to discuss your specific health needs. Interested parties can set an appointment at