Fabulous Phone App’s for Small Businesses

In this day and age, it is critical that businesses are up to date with the latest technology trends. The businesses of today are trying to keep up with social media, daily business operations, sales, and networking all while staying mobile. Luckily, some tech-savvy individuals out there have made small business owner’s lives simpler by creating a plethora of phone app’s so that entrepreneurs can stay organized and take their businesses on the go!

After doing some research, I have complied the top 5 app’s that every small business owner should have:

  1. Square: Square is a payment app that lets you accept a credit or debit card payment via a card reader that is plugged into your phone. The payment goes directly into your bank account! Your business does get a 2.75% fee for every transaction. You can sign up on www.squareup.com and they even send you a free card reader.
  2. Mynd: Mynd is a calendar and time management organizer all rolled into one! The app is designed to be a personal assistant to you and your busy life. Once you download the app, Mynd will grow accustomed to your schedule and let you know when to leave home to get to work depending on traffic in your area. The app can also be synced to your LinkedIn account so if you are meeting with someone new, Mynd gives you the chance to do some research on that person. This app is free.
  3. Google Drive: The Google Drive app allows users to access and edit files from their computer on their smart phone or tablets. Users are given 5GB of free storage and the app is backed up by cloud storage.
  4. Tripit: For all of you entrepreneurs on the go, Tripit is an app specifically designed for travelers! Tripit organizes all of your travel plans into a single snap-shot so that you can easily keep up with your travel needs. This app keeps track of your departure and arrival times, weather conditions, and delays.
  5. iXpenseIt: iXpenseit allows users to easily manage their incoming and outgoing funds. Like a bookkeeper, iXpenseit shows the user their monthly budget, alerts them when bills are due, and shows users how much of their budget has been spent. Another great feature is the currency list if one is doing business outside of the US!

With all of these great apps, you are bound to succeed in managing all aspects of your small business!