Lisa Rosenthal

Name: Lisa Rosenthal

Title: Administrative Assistant

Length of Employment: +1 Year

Memory of service: It was near the end of the day and Skilled Staffing called the office in a panic. They needed to close the window, in their boss’s interior office, for the weekend when the wind blew the door to the office shut and it was locked. We generally don’t have keys for the interior door but I ran over with a key that I found for their suite and it unlocked the door. The woman in the office hugged me because she was so happy.

Fun Facts: Northside is my favorite neighborhood and my favorite places are the Listing Loon, Northside Yacht Club, and Shake it Records. I love the Findlay Market and the Hyde Park Farmers Market.

I worked at MTV starting four months before it was first aired on August 1st, 1981 and attended the launch party, July 31st, 1981. Because MTV would not be available in NYC for another year, we were all brought by school bus, including the VJ’s, to a bar in NJ to watch the historic moment.