Knowing YOUR Customers

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One of the biggest mistakes a small business could make is to market to the wrong people.  You need to know your customers.  Why market to window shoppers that won’t utilize your services or product?  Your true customers need to have your time and attention, know who you are selling to and what they will want.  There is no sense to waste your energy trying to pull in people that don’t fit the demographic of your business.  Someone that sells hair brushes won’t have hardly any luck trying to get a group of bald individuals to buy the brushes.

Starting Out

Do some grassroots marketing and actually talk to the people you would have as customers.  Hear what they are looking for in a business like yours.  Their opinion is very useful and could tell you what a majority of people want to see.  After using what people have told you, they could see how you implemented their opinions and then they will trust your business more.  This could also cause long-lasting customer relationships.


Who are you aiming for to have as your customers?  It is good to know the type of people that will most likely be using your product or service.  Think of your customers and describe them.  If a younger generation is your demographic then try using a younger look to your brand and make it seem energetic.  You could even try throwing slang words being used by that specific generation and keep them interested.  Know your customers and aim for them, not people that are not interested. Appeal to the interests of your customers so they will remember you and your business.  Learn each individual’s personality and use that to your advantage.  If your demographic is made up of mostly mothers then ask them about their children, parenting advice, or even a hobby of theirs.  Getting to know customers in this way will help continue those long-lasting relationships.

Being Versatile

If your demographic pertains to a large group of people and can’t be focused on a smaller group, then try making your marketing more versatile.  Cast a larger net and learn who it catches.  It’s okay not having a clear idea for your marketing, just keep an open mind.  “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  Get as many customers as you can and you can learn more about making your business successful.  The more people you bring in, the more you will figure out who will be making up the majority of your customers.