How to use Pinterest to Grow your Business

Most of us know that Pinterest is a great place to find the latest fashions, new recipes, or how to DIY a coffee table from left over pallet wood.  However, did you know that Pinterest is also a pretty powerful marketing tool to help grow your business?  See the tips below on the unique ways you can utilize Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy.

#1: Use Pinterest to Increase your Brand Authority

You can establish your business as an authority in your field by creating Pinterest boards with creative posts that provide useful, fun, and educational information about their products.  Rest easy – you will not have to create all of this content yourself.  If you share posts with a carefully researched combination of sources that highlight your product.  This will ensure that your boards are accurate and useful to your target audience. Your followers will trust you and come to think of your boards as a go to for reliable information about your product or field.

#2: Increase your Visibility

To expand your reach, grow the size of your audience and grow your business – all by using Pinterest.  Create group boards to expose your brand to more people.  You can also collaborate with pinners that have large followings to increase how many people see pins about your brand and your social media content.  Add incentive to the largely followed pinners by picking a “Pinner of the Month” each month.  The pinners get the bragging rights and you get more and more people looking at your brand or product.  As the pinners numbers grown, so does your audience and your profits.

#3: Increase Traffic to your Website and Other Social Media Sites

Beth Hayden, author of the book Pinfluence, revealed that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. That alone is reason enough to give your first Pinterest board a shot.  The best way to drive traffic to your site is to make sure that your pin is successful.  The most successful pins have 2 things in common: a great image and content that appeals to the pinners emotionally.  Whether it is to solve a problem, inspire, or offer an appeal to a hobby or interest – make sure you are creating pins that will compel the reader to click through to your website, Twitter account, or other content you want them to see.

#4: How to know that Pinterest in Working for You

Measure the reach of your content with the Pinterest Pin Count tool.  This added feature will show you the number of times a page or blog post from your site was pinned and repinned on Pinterest.  A great way to track this would be to begin a spreadsheet or graph chart to show usage.  You can compare month to month, year to year, see which pins were the most popular, and how you might be able to change others that were not as successful.

Of course you will need to do some analysis first to make sure that Pinterest is right for your business.  Once you get started, be sure to add a Pinterest link to your website, so you can direct traffic to your pin boards and vice versa.  In our 24/7 world of instant gratification, Pinterest just might be the resource you have been looking for to get your name, brand, and products out to the public.  Happy pinning!