How to make a Perfect Christmas Tree for Your Home or Office Space:

How to set up the perfect Christmas tree in your home or office space:

This time is everyone’s favorite time of year, there seems to be a different feeling in the air, a feeling of anticipation, love and excitement. It almost seems like the second it hits December 1st, the scent of evergreens and spirit of Christmas starts filling the streets whether it is from Christmas lights to a simple smile from a stranger while shopping for that perfect secret Santa gift for that special someone, there just seems to be a different feeling in everyone.

One of the most iconic pieces of Christmas is the classic C b hristmas tree. The Christmas tree was first introduced to Christmas in Germany, evergreens were said to represent the “ever-burning fire of life” the color green is to represent the power of life throughout the year, the decorative shiny ornaments were said to represent the planets and the star at the top represents the star of Bethlehem. The tree is a fun way to represent the beauty of nature and the true meaning of Christmas, life, and the presence of it every day throughout the season.

Here are (9) steps on how to make your home have the perfect Christmas tree to remind you what Christmas is all about; family and the ones closest to you who you love.  

$11.      Choose your perfect tree – Whether it’s a real evergreen or an artificial “Charlie Brown” tree, choose the perfect tree for your home or work place depending on what suits you and the area that you are trying to decorate best. Make sure it is full, and well-shaped, which can be helped through fluffing the branches.

a.      Don’t forget the perfect tree skirt, and stand. If you choose to have a real tree be sure to have a stand deep enough to feed the water to the tree throughout the season.

$12.      Pick a Color Scheme – This will help the tree have a theme. People have done fun trees where they pick the families favorite sports team and have focused the colors on the tree for the team, or they coordinate the tree with the room they are putting the tree in. You can never go wrong with the classic red and green for a perfect holiday tree that goes with every theme. When doing this it is fun to put splashes of gold and silver in with the red and green to keep it interesting and eye catching.

a.      Red and Green Classic Christmas trees – clear, red, or green lights work best

b.      Wintery colored trees (silver, blue, white) – clear or blue lights.

$13.      Pick a Theme – Like previously stated pick a universal theme to stick with, this is optional, some people pick angels, nutcrackers, snowflakes, etc.; however, I know my family collects all different kinds of ornaments from family trips, or exciting life moments. When doing this though you should try to center and space them out in a way that tells a story throughout your tree. Maybe start with “your first Christmas” at the top and trickle down through the years to modern day ornaments or vice versa.

$14.      Purchase ornamental blubs – these are the filler ornaments, the bows, little silver, red, gold ball ornaments, ribbons, beads etc. These help your tree still hold the classic element of Christmas and will help you have pieces to fill in your tree. This will also help give it that extra sparkle or uniqueness. Stick to more matte or shiny so they blend easily and coordinate nicely with your tree.

$15.      Small Lights – Small lights give that perfect amount of sparkle without being too much. Lights are meant to accent the tree, you can never go wrong with clear, or white/off-white lights.

Finally start on really decorating the tree!

$16.      Hang the lights first, if you don’t have a pre-lit tree – This can be the most labor intensive and frustrating part of putting up a tree. Once this is finished, you can put more of your energy on other aspects of decorating the tree.

a.      String from top to bottom, space them evenly, and step approximately 10 feet back to get an idea of how the lights are looking throughout the tree.

$17.      Put up ribbons, beads or garland – Avoid fluffy tinsel, these have fallen out of style. Instead use the sparkling lights, or beading as an alternative. It is hard to go wrong with a perfect strand of metallic beads, or plastic beading, just be sure to place them evenly throughout your tree and if using a ribbon be sure it has a wire through it to keep some structure instead of losing shape and structure throughout the tree.

$18.      Put a Topper on your Tree – This is where most people use a classic shining star or angel; but throughout the years people have added or tried many different things depending again on the theme of their tree. Here are some examples you may want to try:

                                                              i.      Angel

                                                            ii.      Star

                                                          iii.      Snowflake

                                                           iv.      Giant pretty bow

                                                             v.      Holly leaves and berries

                                                          vi.      A Christian cross

$19.      Add ornaments (sometimes people do step 9 before step 8) – this could be good to do last; however, since your tree is finally settled and ornaments can usually be the most delicate part of setting up the tree. Try to work from top to bottom, setting them in an organized fashion not leaving any open spaces. If adding the shiny ball ornaments add those first and consider them a base part of your tree, then add the decoration ornaments after throughout the tree. Also keep in mind when decorating the tree, if you have small children or pets to place the most valuable ornaments in a place where they cannot be knocked down or affected by the young active ones.

Hopefully these simple tips will help make your Christmas tree the most beautiful Christmas tree yet! Enjoy this time of year, grab a hot cup of cocoa, invite your loved ones, turn on some Christmas music and tell stories of Christmas’ past while decorating your tree. This will make for an even more enjoyable holiday affair.