How to Combat the Flu Season!

How to combat the Flu Season:

Once the holidays slow down there is always another not so blissful season that follows shortly behind; Flu Season. This brings the runny noses, chills, coughing, sneezing, and the aches all over the body; there is only so much you can do to properly stay healthy during this chilly season.

Here are some easy tips to avoid getting sick during and after the holidays around the work place:

1.      Call the Shots – Flu shot clinics in office and office parks should be set up at the beginning of flu season which starts right about the end of October. You can then get the flu shot while on your lunch break; this also helps remind fellow co-workers to get their flu shot. (Last year the flu shot alone helped prevent more than 6.6 million cases in the US).

2.      Amp up Arsenal – Stock up on germ-fighting disinfectants (wipes, sprays, cleaning, hand sanitizer) for the office. Wipe down heavy traffic surfaces, doorknobs, copiers, computers, printers several times daily.

3.      Support Sick Policy – Help encourage an employee with signs of the flu to go home, or stay home. Encourage the use of sick days when ill or taking care of someone who has been sick.

4.      Take your daily vitamins – A multi-vitamin is always a good way to stay healthy year round. There are 3 supplements that are said to help with and to combat the cold & flu, they are:

a.      Zinc

b.      Vitamin D & C

c.       Echinacea

5.      Lead the charge – Show your own personal dedication to a healthy work environment by washing your hands, and following the previous stated steps. These will help lead the fight against the flu this year in your work place.

If you do come down with the flu this season, remember that it is important to still get protein and keep yourself hydrated. You may not have an appetite, it is still beneficial in helping you progressively get healthy again by giving you strength and energy back while being sick. Some foods and drinks that are recommended to help fight the flu are; orange juice, high in vitamin C, chicken soup or broth, garlic, this contains Allicin which is a natural decongestant and immune strengthener, dark chocolate, which contains theobromine and helps suppress a nagging cough. This also helps calm nerves that maybe aggravated by the flu. Teas are great to soothe the throat naturally, but there are some out there that are beneficial flu fighters. Some teas contain, “polyphenols” which is a plant antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and can help free up congested airways.  Bananas are high in potassium too which can help increase energy levels.

If you get the flu, eat right and keep yourself hydrated. Stay home at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medications. Get lots of rest, avoid contact with others, drink lots of water, keeping yourself hydrated. Treat fever and cough with over the counter medications. Be sure when you return that you keep your hands clean with sanitizer and consistently wash them. Cover your face when coughing or sneezing. If you do have to go out in public while being sick whether it be going to the doctor, or picking up a prescription, be sure to wear a face mask so that the opportunity of exposing others to the flu is lessened.

Being sick is never fun, but hopefully, having an idea of what you can do to avoid it will help. Being aware of what to do once you have been exposed can also be beneficial to getting over the bug faster. The best option starting out; is to always get the flu shot first and then prepare from there.

Stay healthy this year!