How Interactive Content Can Help Grow your Business

Small businesses are always trying to find the next big thing or the next new way to market and promote their business.  The traditional world of marketing is becoming less and less effective, which is making way for a better way: enter content marketing.  First, what exactly is content marketing?  Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and ultimately drive a profitable customer action.  However, interactive content marketing takes this to the next level by involving your customer in the experience, and making it more likely that they will take desired profitable action.  This blog aims to give you ideas to create and use interactive content marketing to help you small business grow.

Quizzes and Assessments:  Quizzes, and their more in-depth cousin, the Assessment, are an amusing way to get potential customers thinking about your product.  They get buyers focused on not just your business, but specific area or product you are trying to promote.  Customers are used to being bombarded with cheap deals or direct marketing fliers.  They are not, however, used to fun, interactive ways that introduce products, which can be based on their answers. 

Interactive Infographic:  No one knows your products and services better than you.  Why not use your knowledge to educate customers or potential buyers?  An interactive infographic will encourage people to learn about your business, explore the market, and share that with their contacts on social media.  This will not only expand your brand, but it can also widen your social media reach to help get your name out there. 

Personalization:  Data analytics have become an important part of most business decision, marketing savvy small business owners are learning to create interactive content that makes the customer feel involved.  Everyone wants to feel like they belong and are part of a club.  Content that meets a buyer’s personal preference, rather than being part of a larger marketing blast campaign, will be more effective.  Making people feel involved will make your company more memorable, and, potentially drive sales.

Interactive Videos:  Interactive video is very different than normal video advertisements.  These videos are helpful because, as the name suggests, the viewers have the option to interact with the video rather than simply watch it passively.  By nature, it all but requires a call to action to get your audience involved with your site or product; and more easily converting leads.  Create intriguing stories through different scenarios and inviting the viewer to click on different choices to find out how the story ends. 

There are some things that will remain constant for marketing in 2016 – visual media is still dominant and making sure your sites are mobile friendly is essential.  Being innovative will strengthen and promote your brand by higher engagement with your customers.  However, finding new ways to engage customers in an entertaining way will make you stand out from your competition and help drive sales.