Frequently Asked Questions about Cincinnati Small Business Igniter

What is an incubator?

Business incubators are programs designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through its network of contacts. Incubators vary in the way they deliver their services, in their organizational structure, and in the types of clients they serve. Successful completion of a business incubation program increases the likelihood that a start-up company will stay in business for the long term.

What types of business assistance are available?

CSBI offers a vast range of business assistance to its small business entrepreneurs from individualized weekly consulting, training, goal setting, monthly seminars by local companies. In addition our tenants are provided with a list of included services and other deeply discounted services – See “Apply Now” page for a list of Services

Are there any cost saving services at CSBI?

CSBI has numerous partnerships with local vendors to provide numerous services to our tenants on a FREE or deeply discounted basis. One of the main purposes of CSBI tenants is not to have to spend a lot in getting their business off the ground and share the cost with others to preserve valuable cash flow during the startup process.

Is there a cost to participate in the CSBI Incubation Program?

CSBI charges all participants in its Incubation Program a rent that is below market averages for Southwest Ohio. Clients receive access to all business assistance services, mentoring & coaching, training, networking and seminars. Please see the “Apply Now” page for a list of included and reduced services offered as part of the program.

Where is CSBI located?

CSBI is located in a premium location in the Northern Tri-Country area close to I-275 and I-75 at 260 Northland Blvd between Rt4 and Kemper Rd just 2 miles from the Tri-Country Mall. We can be reached at (513) 795-8574

I need more information – Who can I contact?

Email us:
or you can leave us a message HERE!