Fall Inspections and What To Expect

The approaching Fall season brings annual inspections for our buildings at 8050 & 8080. Although we will do our best to communicate when these inspections will take place, we like to make you aware of what to expect ahead of time. None of the inspections require you to be onsite since CMC Management and/or Maintenance will be accompanying crews through the inspections.

The following are common violations that the Fire Department sees and we ask that you make any changes necessary:

– Fuse Boxes must be visible and not covered by furniture or pictures.

– Extension Cords may not be used as a permanent electrical source.

 Power Strips may not be piggy backed off of each other.

– Boxes may not be stacked to the ceiling or blocking doors and units may not be used for excessive storage.

– Smoking is prohibited under the breezeway of the rear entrance and in any location that would allow smoke to drift into the building.

During the annual fire alarm inspections, you can expect that the sirens will be activated and sound throughout the building. We anticipate testing to be completed as quickly as possible so that we are not disrupting your business for any one length of time. This inspection will not require evacuation of the building.

We are appreciative for such great tenants that cooperate with us as we make sure our inspections run smooth and successful!