Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day 2019!

Being “eco-friendly” int he office is easier now more than ever! Here are some simply ways you can help keep the environment clean while also saving some money! Reduce, reuse, Recycle!


1.) In the lobby of each building is a green recycle bin!

2.) Purchase reusable food-storage containers to bring your lunch to work. While throwing out Ziploc bags and cheap plastic containers is convenient, the trash and cost over time  builds up! Purchasing reusable containers and silicone sandwich baggies helps save money in the long run, since you won’t be making that constant purchase for new.

3.) Use reusable totes while grocery shopping! Grocery stores, such as Target Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and more will give discounts when using totes rather than plastic bags!

4.) Investing in a large water jug for the office can greatly reduce the use of single-plastic water bottles!

5.) Going off of #4, having reusable insulated cups does wonders for the Earth and for your pocket! Cups with metal linings keep your drinks hot or cold! Throw in a reusable straw and say bye-bye to constant plastic straw and foam cup purchases! Plus, reusable cups have super cute designs!

6.) Use electricity wisely! Turn off equipment and lights when not in use, like when going home for the weekend! This can greatly help reduce your electric bill!

7.) If you’re able to, carpool with coworkers! This gives you someone to chat with while sitting in that rush hour traffic while also cutting down on vehicle pollution!

All simple ways to reduce waste in the office! Try doing a “going green” challenge with your team and see what costs and waste you can cut back on!