Having Confidence When Not Confident

Lack of confidence can make you feel uncomfortable in all types of situations, even ones you heavily prepared for.  You don’t want your clients to feel that you are not confident with your business or else they won’t feel confident sharing information with you or letting you handle a part of their work/life.  There are ways to fake being confident and whenever you practice these enough then you will slowly become more and more confident in yourself.

Eye Contact

Whenever you are engaging in a conversation with an individual, make sure you continue to keep eye contact with them.  Not only does this make you seem genuinely interested in what they have to say, but it also makes you look like you know what you are talking about to confidently talk about the subject.

Continuously adverting your eyes will make you nervous and will you could look like you are not sure of what you are saying.

Pose Like A Super Hero

You read that right!  Put your hands on your hips and do the Superman pose.  This will trick your brain to be less stressed.  Make sure you look to the sky during your pose.  Why?  Because you are shooting for the stars!

Dress for Success

If you are wearing wrinkled clothing or something you feel that is unflattering for your body, then you won’t feel confident.  You will have it nagging in the back of your mind about if you look okay or not.  Find outfits that make you feel great and that will immediately change your attitude.

Slow and Clear Speech

Whenever you speak slowly and clearly, people can understand you better.  Talking too quietly or too fast can automatically make you seem nervous and it is hard for others to keep up with the conversation.  Also, avoid using “um” or “like” fillers.  Everyone is guilty of using filler words but anytime you find yourself about to use them just take a second to collect your thoughts.  It is better for you to leave a slight gap or silence in your sentence than saying “um” every other word.

Using these tips can make you not only look confident to other but they will make you feel confident in yourself.