Cathie Reamer

Name: Cathie Reamer

Title: Property Assitant

Length of Employment: May 24, 2010

Favorite customer service story:  On a hot, cloudy, sprinkling rainy day in July 2013 while working alone in the Leasing Office (property manager quit), I was standing in the middle of our parking lot trying to deal with the parking lot repair crew, when a potential tenant approached and asked to see available space.  We went inside I showed them and he asked “can we move in this afternoon?” Yep.  He is still our tenant to this day – 3-15-18.

Best CMC memory:  Having my very very favorite property manager/maintenance man return to work here in the Leasing Office.

Proudest moment:  In 2013 while on my own in the Leasing Office (property manager quit) I leased 11 suites in one month.

Random fun facts about me:  I was the Assistant to the Mayor of Carmel, Indiana for 4 years.  Our offices were in the historic Carnegie Library that has now been converted into a restaurant.  I always sit at the table where my desk was. I was in a body cast for 6 months in the ‘60’s.  I have an autograph picture of Dick Clark signed to me 37 years apart (1957) while on American Bandstand and in 1994 due to a serendipitous event when I just happened to have the same photo with me when we met again.