Blue Ash – Google My Business Class

Want to set up a business listing on Google?  A current tenant here in Blue Ash, LDR Interactive Technologies, is hosting a FREE Google My Business class!  Rusty Allison, a Google City Ambassador, will be directing the class to tell you how to get your Google business listing started and the many reasons why it is so important to have one.

Not only is this class is open to any tenant BUT LDR would like to extend their class to the public!  So, if you know anyone that could benefit from this class then make sure to share it with them!

Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Jesuits Midwest


Social, Professional, and Spiritual

Jeff Meyrose is the Regional Advancement Director for the Midwest Jesuit Province.  The three words above describe the opportunities of his goal to establish a formalized network of local “Jesuit people” and their friends or family.  Jeff has been an active part of a Jesuit community graduating from, and working for, both St. Xavier High School and Xavier University in Cincinnati, and working at Loyola Academy in Chicago.  Now he is working for the Midwest Jesuit Province and beginning to establish a formalized network of “Jesuit people” in the Cincinnati area, beginning with YOU…a group here at CMC Blue Ash.

If you are a Jesuit school alum, parishioner of a Jesuit parish, or friend of the Jesuits, you are invited to join Jeff and others at an upcoming networking gathering.  The event is on November 16 in the Greenhouse Training Room right here at CMC Blue Ash.  This is a free and convenient way to meet other “Jesuit people” and uncover potential opportunities for social, professional, and spiritual benefits as well as professional collaboration. 

Jeff shared, “We are establishing a network of area ‘Jesuit people’ – based on the ideology of serving the greater good – that provides opportunities for social, professional, and spiritual enrichment driven by the interests and benefit of its members.  This isn’t just another networking group. Many people love(d) their Jesuit experiences and this group is an opportunity for ‘Jesuit people’ to connect with each other and find both personal and professional benefit within the framework of common Jesuit principles – including ethics, social justice, and intellectual growth.” 

If interested in joining this network of “Jesuit people”, or for more information about the network or the networking event on November 16, contact Jeff Meyrose at his information below.

What is your Favorite Thing about your Small Business?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”?  I love what I do and am lucky enough to work for a company that values and appreciates their employees.  CMC Properties was recently voted one of the Top Workplaces for 2017, as voted by the employees.  The Perfect Small Office is a great place to work!  I wear a lot of ‘hats’ in my position, but there are some I like better than others.  My favorite things are meeting new business owners, learning about a variety of industries, and helping businesses grow and expand.  I reached out to the tenants at our Mason location to find out …. What is your favorite thing about your business?

Sandy Smith, Real Link Real Estate: “Helping others!  As a real estate agent, helping families with their home search is such a great blessing.  I sometimes get more excited about finding ‘that home’ than my buyers!”  You can reach Sandy at 513-295-6537 or

“Camaraderie with my fellow tenants and the feeling of community that is fostered by working with and around other small business owners”, said Lori Boone from Accountants on the Go, Inc.  Lori is a local tax/ payroll expert that can help with you with many accounting issues.  You can contact Lori via email at or on her website

One of Lori’s employees, Beth, also had this to say: “I appreciate that working with Lori helps me maintain a work/ life balance.  We are afforded the freedom to live, spend time with our families, and take time off as needed. “

Finally, Roderick L. Gosa, Financial Planner for Ameriprise Financial Services, feels that, “There are many points of gratification in what I do with and for my clients.  Most of my clients have been with me for 20 years.  I have been able to assist them in a variety of different investment choices – whether it is directing fund for their child’s college education or seamlessly transition into retirement.  Though I manage my clients’ money professionally, my clients pride, sense of accomplishment and peace of mind, those are the best rewards of what I do.”  For Rod’s assistance and expertise, you can reach him via phone at 513-204-1569 or via email at

Whether it is a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment, or a way to make ends meet, it is important to enjoy what you do.  Doing so is very valuable to our life in many ways, including, but not limited to, increasing your profitability and financial success.  There is no such thing as a perfect position; every industry has it’s up’s and down’s.  You can and should find enjoyment in your work.

If you don’t currently love where you work, be sure to contact Ann O’Neal at CMC’s Perfect Small Office in Mason to see why people love working and succeeding here.  Ann can be reached via phone at 513-459-1000 or via email at

Blue Ash – No Glasses? No Problem!

The Friday before the Eclipse we received a recall on the glasses we planned to pass out to tenants. Several people had been counting on our Eclipse event and did not buy their own glasses.  Our management team worried that we would not have a lot of people come on Monday even for snacks but we were proved wrong! Generous tenants along with our Administrative Assistant, Lisa, shared their own glasses and homemade projection boxes making this event enjoyable for everyone.  It was great to have people stop by and see the Eclipse with us!

Check the pictures below to see what a great time it was!

Blue Ash – Peerless Residential Mortgage

Did you know that it is 37.7% cheaper to buy a house instead of renting?  The numbers might surprise you! Current tenant, Dustin Fossette, is a Principal Mortgage Advisor for Peerless Residential Mortgage.  Peerless is educating people with the pros of buying a house rather than continuing to rent.  Dustin makes the process a quick and painless one for his clients.  Peerless even utilizes a tracking system called UTrack, this allows you to track the progress of your loan inquiry just like you can track a package.  Even if you do not think your credit score is high enough to buy a home just look at the statistics below!  More people get approved than you would think.


Why Peerless?

• Communication, Service and Availability
• Direct Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Lender
• Underwriting Help Desk – answer questions within minutes
• 580 min fico sore on FHA, USDA & VA – 620 min score conventional
• 0% down payment USDA & VA – 3.5% min FHA – 5 % min conventional
• Goes off Findings. No company overlays
• Up to 55% Debt to income with DU or LP Approval
• Underwriting time 24 -48 hrs
• Conditions reviewed in 24 hrs
• Direct lender access to over 10 different lenders

Why Dustin Fossette?

• Communication, Service and Availability
Available 24/7 via phone, email or text
• Hitting contract dates are most important
• Personally work with your client
• Provides free 100% USDA, FHA & VA signs for eligible properties
• Individual processor for each individual loan
• 100% tailored loan program designed for each client personally
FREE credit repair service and rebuilding program available

So interested to start looking for a new home? Contact Dustin!


Blue Ash – LDR Interactive Special Offer on Headshots

LDR Interactive is offering a great deal on headshots!  Why do you need a headhsot if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner?  Well, that’s because you are the face of your business!  Having photos taken will help people recognize you when they are meeting you for the first time.  Also you want to be in control of what pictures the media uses, right?  Most business owners plan to spend at least $500 on professional pictures, but this is an opportunity to spend at the most $150.

LDR Interactive did the hard part also, they already have a photographer ready so there is no need to search for one.  Professional headshots will resonate what your brand stands for and who is running the business. Lastly, having headhshots taken will give you a boost of confidence with your business.  You’re going to look and feel like a million bucks!

Information for this offer is below.