Blue Ash – PSO Marketplace


We are launching a new page with our Facebook profile called the PSO Marketplace!  This is a great platform to connect directly with your other tenants to buy, sell, or give away office supplies and furniture.

PSO Marketplace can also be utilized to spread the word about promotions going on with your business.  Want to offer a discount or special on your services?  You can simply post it on this Facebook page to reach neighbors within our community and other CMC properties.  With more and more people on social media,  be sure to take advantage of this simple and helpful resource.

We will have the link to PSO Marketplace on the main Facebook page for CMC’s Blue Ash Office.

Simple Tips to Separate your Work from your Personal Life

It seems like many entrepreneurs work 24/7 these days.  It can be difficult to remain present and stay focused on our family when things like your inbox or that upcoming presentation keep you constantly distracted.  The following are a few simple tips to help create some separation in your work and personal life.

Don’t use your personal Facebook profile for work:

Social media marketing is definitely important to have to promote and grow your small business.  Keep a separate page for your business and your personal profile for family and friends only.  Blurring the lines could lead to the worst of both worlds – you run the risk of annoying friends by promoting your business and you can’t be too personal without coming across unprofessional.  Be safe and keep them separate.

Smart Scheduling:

It is hard to keep your business life from running all over your personal life, especially if you don’t set boundaries.  Be sure to reserve personal time in your schedule for activities that add value to your life, like a date night, family game nights, or daily exercise.  Don’t let plans with friend or family be put to the side because you are busy at work.  Set ‘hard in’ and ‘hard out’ time to start you day and end your day so you have time for both.


Meditation can help you to mentally disconnect from work before you begin your evening at home.  This could help you to free you mind up for new ideas and be more creative.  You can be present for your family and improve your mind to still continue growing your business.  If you don’t have time for meditation, or it is just not your cup of tea, disconnecting from technology once home could have similar benefits.

Be the boss:

When starting your business, you and your team spend a lot of time together.  It is ok to be personal and professional friends, but remember that you are their boss first and foremost.  Be reasonable, be respectable, and be sure that you are setting the standard for work ethic and expectations.

Don’t take work home with you:

The fastest, and best, way to separate work from home is to physically keep them separate.  Don’t curl up on your favorite chair with your laptop to go over a work presentation, and, don’t check your personal email at work.  Conditioning yourself to work at work and leave it at the office will help you achieve balance.

CMC’s Perfect Small Office understands that separation is necessary to achieve a successful work/ life balance.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “when you work from home, you’re never home from work”?  With a dedicated office space at one of our 7 small office centers, we have everything you need to grow your business away from your home.  With our Affordable rates, flexible terms, and several convenient locations, we have exactly what you need to take your work life to the next level and allowing you more time to be present at home.

CMC Coming Together

As everyone knows, there have been some nasty hurricanes forming this year.  Puerto Rico has been majorly impacted and has lost a large amount of resources.  The entire island has lost power, homes have been destroyed, and food resources have disappeared.  One of our own Property Managers has family in Puerto Rico, so CMC worked together to send supplies their way.  We took everything gathered to Matthew 25 Ministries and they have transported it to Puerto Rico.  Each of our locations provided donations and the amount of supplies we were able to send was astounding.  Thank you to all of our properties for helping one of our own!

Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: ClassX Radio

Did you know that our Blue Ash location has a radio station? 

True to their name, ClassX broadcasts Classic and Melodic Rock supported by listeners and local businesses. They feature a variety of programs and hosts such as the legendary Wildman Walker and Eric “The Bulldog” Deters!  The President, Bill Spry, originally started the station in his home, but they branched out in an effort to gain more public exposure. Eventually, they found the perfect fit with the Perfect Small Office – Blue Ash.


ClassX has been recognized by Channel 9, Channel 19, the Enquirer and a number of other local and national publications with additional accolades of Best Radio Station and Best Non-Commercial Station from City Beat Magazine and New Music Weekly, respectively.  They air the longest running, local music show hosted by Eddie Mullett for more than 30 years!

Of course operating a radio station also produces interesting moments off the air.  Wildman Walker was once “accidentally” locked in the studio for an entire week.  What did he do to pass the time?  Like any committed DJ, he stayed the course playing albums as he waited to get released.

ClassX has 6 stations that range all the way from Batesville to Maysville and Georgetown to Dayton.  In 2006 their first station launched from Cincinnati suburb, Liberty Township on 88.9 WMWX.  Not only do they broadcast multiple stations but they also offer online streaming.  ClassX is now up to 1.8 million listeners and has had the pleasure of hosting such guests as Eddie Money, Bad Company, Ambrosia and a catalog of others.  Make sure to check out their Beatles-A-Rama show featured every Saturday from 8:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m.

Be sure to Rock out on any of the listed frequencies, their mobile app (search Spryex Communications) or online at

  • 105.5 Kenwood WCXX
  • 92.1 Covington WCNX
  • 95.5 Florence WCXE
  • 89.1 NKY WKCX
  •  88.9 Cincinnati WMWX
  • 89.1 Lebanon WYNS

Bill Spry and Wildman Walker

How Checklists can Help your Small Business

A checklist is one of the most basic organizational tools.  Even a simple list can improve the effectiveness of team communication and effectiveness when performing both complex and menial tasks.  Routine tasks that you perform every day can become just that, routine.  These mundane, but still very important, tasks are important enough that you want to make sure they are not overlooked.  Here are few options for checklists that will help you maintain, and grow, your small business.

Finances – A monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial checklist will ensure you’re on track to meet goals and grow at the rate you planned.  Monthly check lists to step back and do a financial overview, review statements/ sales, keep an eye on stock, and review traffic.  Annual lists are better for gauging long term goals, financial plans, and see the ‘big picture’ when it comes to your bank account.

Legal – Keeping in good standing with the law is important for the future and growth of your business.  Proper record keeping, paperwork and tax preparation will help you gauge your growth.  If you plan to hold an annual meeting before year end, checklists can help make sure all your ‘ducks are in a row’ when it comes to what you need legally and for the IRS.  Finally, human resources is another area where being legally compliant is extremely important.  With payroll laws changing and so much documentation needed, a checklist would help make sure that you have all that you need when you hire/ terminate employees.

Organization – Your finances are in order, you are legally sound, but does your desk look like a paper bomb was just set off?  Purge your office and organize your paper files with the help of checklists.  You could make one for your paper files so employees know what to keep and what to throw away.  The same could go for receipts, electronics, cloud storage – a checklist for what to keep and what get rid of will help you stay organized at quarter end and at year end.

Social Media – These days you can’t run a business without marketing on social media.  It is something you have to do every single day to make sure you voice stands out over all of the other web chatter.  Time for a checklist!  Have you posted to Facebook today?  Mark it off of your checklist.  Try another checklist to set up themed posts for each day of the week, like motivational Monday, funny Friday, etc.  Follow us on Instagram @cmcpsomason to get some quote ideas.  You can also start a checklist for your target demographic and how you can help that audience.

When properly conceived and used, a checklist ensures confirmation, and can catch errors, between team members.  The daily, monthly, and yearly challenges that small business owners face can be manageable if you keep and follow your checklists.

Blue Ash Tenant Spotlight: Kurtz Kurak Therapies

Kurtz Kurak Therapies is a holistic therapeutic massage and counseling practice that has been with CMC for about 20 years.  Karen Kurak is a person-centered therapist working specifically with art therapy and somatic experiencing.  Her work offers respect to individuals in a holistic manner and seeks to empower them through engaging their own natural healing ability along with creative processes.  Karen came upon her practice because she wanted to integrate the Arts with body and mind, essentially connecting the Arts and Therapy.

Art Therapy and Somatic Experiencing

Art therapy uses the creative process therapeutically and strategically to help individuals that have experienced illness, trauma, or living challenges.  It combines traditional therapeutic ideas with the understanding of how creative expression has psychological effects.  Whether you are talented or not, expressing one’s self artistically can help with resolving issue or aiding in personal development.  With art therapy people can:

♦ Cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences

♦ Increase awareness of self and others

♦ Improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being

♦ Enhance cognitive abilities

♦ Improve self-esteem

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is an alternative therapy that focuses on an individual’s body sensations.  SE has many benefits such as relief of traumatic stress symptoms, increased resiliency and resourcefulness.  Other ways SE can help are:

♦ Employs awareness of body sensation to help people “renegotiate” and heal rather than re-live or re-enact trauma

♦ Gives guidance of the bodily “felt sense” and allows the highly aroused survival energies to be safely experienced and gradually discharged

♦“Titrates” experiences rather than evoking catharsis

Karen loves that her practice makes a difference for people and gives support to them when they are stuck while their body is trying to heal. Karen also brings her own person experience as an artist to her practice to help others working with their own creative process.  Karen believes that the body always moves toward homeostasis.

Through self-awareness, better balance can be achieved.